The Department of Art, Music, and Theatre

The Department of Art, Music, and Theatre fosters study in the practical application of various arts disciplines, as well as study in the historical, cultural, and philosophical underpinnings of each discipline.

Art offers a B.A. in Visual Arts, as well as a minor in Visual Arts and a minor in Art Therapy. Theatre offers a B.A. in Theatre, as well as a minor in Theatre. Music offers a minor, as well as various ensembles. Please refer to each discipline’s catalog entry website for information about courses, degree offerings, and co-curricular opportunities.

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Chair: Eric Thibodeaux-Thompson, Professor of Theatre

A.M.T. Project Outreach

AMT Project Outreach is a community outreach initiative between the Department of Art, Music, and Theatre and local public schools. The project invites AMT faculty to interact with local public schools in a variety of ways including guest teaching an art class, giving a music recital, or teaching a theatre masterclass.

Interested in bringing AMT Project Outreach to your school? Please contact

Recent Highlights

Abby Flute_edit

UIS flutist Dr. Abigail Walsh

  • flute masterclass for Rochester School Grades 5/6 and 7/8
  • presentation for 150 5th and 6th grade band students

Dr. Walsh worked with the intermediate and junior high flutists on issues like practice technique, developing bettter posture, finger technique and fundamental musical patterns. In addition, she spoke with band students about potential music careers, gave a brief lesson on how to begin beat boxing, and gave a performance of numerous virtuoso works on the flute.



UIS Ethnomusicologist/Fiddle Player Dr. Sharon Graf

  • American folk music demos and jam sessions for Rochester Intermediate School student assemblies

Dr. Graf visited with students as part of their Unit on American Folk Music. She was joined by banjo player Erich Schroeder and mandolin/guitarist Mark Mathewson. Together they performed a number of American folk songs and taught students to sing the words, clap the rhythms and even dance.


UIS Theatre Professor and Scenic Artist Dathan Powell

  • two visits to Rochester Schools Art Exploration Class

Professor Powell taught students how to create papier-mâché masks. Students focused on shaping masks of animals and incorporating the use of a dummy mask as a model template. During his second visit, students displayed their masks and learned about the history and significance of masks in diverse types of theater.

A special thank you to: UIS Ethnomusicologist Dr. Yona Stamatis; Special Education Teacher and violinst in the UIS World Music Ensemble Rachel Brandt; Rochester Schools Director of Bands and Music Cathy Parker, and to the UIS-AMT faculty and Rochester Faculty for bringing this project to fruition!