Wanxiang Fellows Program (China)

China: Sustainability, Green Technology, and Renewable Resources (one week pre-program in Japan at Ashikaga University)

June 12 – July 17, 2022 (dates tentative)Supported by a generous grant from the Wanxiang Corporation, the University of Illinois at Springfield joins its sister campuses in Urbana and Chicago to offer a unique opportunity for undergraduates to learn about the challenges and opportunities related to sustainability, green technology, and renewable resources in China in the unique cultural and natural environments of the urban landscapes of Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou. Participants will begin the program with a one week program at Ashikaga University in Japan, known for its renewable energy program and rich cultural heritage.The program will be limited to five and possibly six students from UIS.

Program Fee:   $2,000 

The program fee covers all transportation, lodging, excursions, and most meals.


  • Participants will enroll in ENS 440. Topics in Environmental Studies for the summer term program Japan/China.  Dr. Yun Zhao will serve as the Program Director and Faculty of Record for the course.
  • In China, students will visit important cultural and historical sites in Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shanghai. For three weeks, they will be based at Hangzhou Wanxiang Polytechnic University where they will participate in a seminar series taught by faculty from local universities and field visits. The seminar topics will include but are not limited to:
Solar Energy: Technology and Application, Photovoltaic, Cell and Panel ManufacturingChina’s Plan and Recent Development in Clean Energy
Coal: Technology and ApplicationLED lights
Biofuel and Geothermal Energy: Technology and ApplicationElectric Vehicle: Battery, Power Train, and Control System
Natural Gas: Technology and ApplicationHydropower: Technology and Application
China’s Culture and HistoryOil: Technology and Application
Social Development and Anti-Poverty Works in ChinaChina’s International Policy and Relationship with the US
China’s Reform and the 18th CongressTeaching of Confucius, Laozi, and Sunzi

Optional Extended Program at Ashikaga University

Participants will have the option of participating in a pre-program extension in Ashikaga, Japan that will be in addition to the one-week pre-program that is part of the Fellows Program. This addition will begin on June 2nd. The cost for the optional extension is $1000 over and above the program fee of $2000 – $3000