Full semester study away experience at a participating National Student Exchange (NSE) university located in U.S. and Canada.


A full semester study away experience at one of the participating National Student Exchange (NSE) universities located in U.S. and Canada.

  • Tuition/Fees: UIS Range (Tuition and Fees Waived by Host Institution).
  • Financial Aid eligibility depends upon student’s financial aid award.  Travel scholarships available based on student’s eligibility.
  • Travel Arrangements: student’s responsibility.
  • Learn more about the NSE Experiences.


  • Travel for shorter period alongside friends and classmates.
  • Trips centered around a specific field or topic allowing you to learn while experiencing what you’re learning.
  • Great way to create a global network, make new connections and meet diverse individuals and groups.
  • Increased fluency in another language and develop a broader cultural perspective and understand of thoughts and opinions.
  • An enhanced resume setting you apart from others.
  • Great option for those who enjoy traveling and desire a new experience within the U.S. or Canada.

Related Course(s)

Requirements/ Prerequisites

  • UIS student in good academic standing.
  • Host university’s requirements as applicable.
  • Out of pocket travel, living, & accommodation expenses.

Finding Opportunities

How to apply/ register