UIS has joined the National Student Exchange program network (NSE), a network of colleges and universities in the USA and Canada.  Through NSE UIS student will be able to study at partner universities while paying UIS tuition. Full semester study away experience at a participating NSE located in U.S. and Canada.


A full semester study away experience at one of the participating National Student Exchange (NSE) universities located in U.S. and Canada.

  • Tuition/Fees: UIS Range (Tuition and Fees Waived by Host Institution).
  • Financial Aid eligibility depends upon student’s financial aid award. Travel scholarships are available based on student’s eligibility.
  • Travel Arrangements: student’s responsibility.
  • Learn more about the NSE Experiences.


  • Travel for shorter period alongside friends and classmates.
  • Trips centered around a specific field or topic allowing you to learn while experiencing what you’re learning.
  • Great way to create a global network, make new connections and meet diverse individuals and groups.
  • Increased fluency in another language and develop a broader cultural perspective and understand of thoughts and opinions.
  • An enhanced resume setting you apart from others.
  • Great option for those who enjoy traveling and desire a new experience within the U.S. or Canada.

Related Course(s)

Requirements/ Prerequisites

  • UIS student in good academic standing.
  • Host university’s requirements as applicable.
  • Out of pocket travel, living, & accommodation expenses.

Finding Opportunities

How to apply/ register