Take advantage of the 3000 plus study abroad programs offered by other university institutions that are not recognized as a UIS affiliate. 


A Study Away experience with an institution that is not classified as a UIS affiliate.

  • Tuition/Fees: Host Institution (UIS tuition/fees will be waived).
  • Curriculum created by the host university.
  • Students study with other university students.
  • Financial Aid may apply but Federal Aid is unavailable.
  • Travel scholarships are available based on student’s eligibility.
  • Travel Arrangements: Student’s responsibility.


  • Find a study abroad program that best matches your academic and travel interests.
  • Endless opportunities - go anywhere!

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Requirements/ Prerequisites

  • UIS student in good academic standing.
  • Host university’s requirements as applicable.
  • Out of pocket travel, living, & accommodation expenses.

Finding Opportunities

  • Independent student search.
  • Request OEL personalized assistance to search/locate study away location beyond what’s currently offered.

How to apply/ register

  • Complete affiliate applications/forms required by host university as applicable.
  • Meet with SAP director.
  • Complete SAP application by deadline.
  • Submit all required documents.