Spain: Past & Present

Summer 2024

Related Course: UIS will offer a 3-credit course in Summer 2024 - UNI 460.

Faculty Leading the Program: Professor David Bertaina (

Program Duration: Two weeks in May, 2024. Travel Dates: 5/16/24 - 6/1/24

Program & Course Description:

On this study abroad course, we will investigate the history, architecture, and art of Spain. This class invites you to understand Spain’s past and its present culture by exploring both historical and contemporary contexts. We will look at art history, cultural history, and religious history to analyze Spain in medieval times, the Reconquista, the formation of the modern state, and perceptions of Spanish identity in present times.

Students traveling abroad will fly from Chicago to Madrid, Spain from May 14–30. During the course of our 17-day visit, we will have opportunities to meet students at the University of Cordoba, visit historic sites, sample the local cuisine, and have free time to explore and experience life in Andalucia (southern Spain). This course will count for ECCE Engagement Experience or for ECCE Global Awareness.

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Inside an elaborate cathedral in Spain
Cordoba, Spain
students posing in Spain in front of a statue of a man riding a horse
Madrid, Spain
a plaza in Spain
Seville, Spain
photo overlooking the countryside outside of Granada
Granada, Spain