End of Semester Check-Out

The Department of Residence Life provides the following information to allow all residents to plan appropriately for departing on-campus residences.

This information is updated three times per year: May (for students without Summer Contracts), July (students departing from summer housing), and December (only those students NOT returning for Spring Semester).

University Housing officially closes at 12pm on Sunday, May 14, 2023 for all residents who do not have a Summer Housing Contract. Your Housing Contract officially ends at the time of closing.

Residents are required to complete an Express Check-Out within 24 hours of their last exam.

You must check out and vacate by 12pm on Saturday, May 13, 2023, for the Residence Halls, and 12pm on Sunday, May 14, 2023, for Apartments/Townhouses. Failure to do so or follow established procedures will result in a $50 Improper Check-Out/Failure to Comply Charge. Additional charges will be added for any damages to the room, the need for excessive cleaning, or lost key(s). An additional charge of $35 per night will apply past the contract end date, and the weekly charge will be incurred if a student does not checkout within 3 days of closing ($205/week for non-family housing).

Students with an active summer contract will remain in their current spring assignment until the designated transition time to your summer assignment. Students with summer contracts will be notified of their transition date via email.

Express Check-Out

This year, all Check-Outs will be contactless Express Check-Outs. Appointments are not necessary. You must have your room/unit cleaned and cleared of personal belongings and return your room/apt/mail key(s) to avoid an Improper Checkout Fee. To complete your Express Check-Out:

Step 1: Clean your room/unit, including bathrooms and common areas.

Step 2: Pack your belongings and remove them from your room/unit.

Step 3: Check your mailbox and community desk to collect any remaining packages or mail. Update shipping addresses for online shopping sites or subscriptions and put in mail forwarding notices with USPS. Residence Life will not pay to forward packages or mail to permanent addresses.

Step 4: Once you are ready to officially check out, put your keys in your pre-labeled key packet envelope. Sign and seal the envelope.

Step 5: Drop your signed and sealed key packet in a Front Desk DropBox (boxes located at FRH Front Desk, LRH Front Desk, and HCOM Entry).

If you misplace the provided personalized key packet, you may use an Express Checkout Envelope, which are located at the front desk of your respective community or from the Residence Life main office at Homer Butler Commons (HCOM).

Packing and Cleaning Tips

When you check out of your room, it should be returned to the way you found it at the beginning of the year. Residence Hall students must de-loft their beds and have the loft kits ready for pick up by staff. The loft kits can be kept in the room. Failure to de-loft your bed will result in a $50.00 Improper Checkout charge. Residence Life Staff will be checking to make sure your space is clean and identify any damages. The Resident Director (RD) and/or Maintenance Staff will assess all cleaning and damages for appropriate charges. Resident Assistants are NOT able to evaluate items for charges.

Residents should plan with roommate(s) who is responsible for what cleaning and/or common area damage charges prior to departing.

Here are some helpful hints to make the process easier (and to help you avoid check-out charges):

  • Start early: Don’t wait until the last minute to start – packing can take longer than you think!
  • Boxes: Find boxes to pack your belongings to make the move easier and faster.
  • Trash: Trash should be thrown away in the outdoor dumpster (trash rooms will be closed during Finals Week). Charges will be assessed for trash left behind.
  • Personal Items: Any personal items left behind will be stored for up to 10 days. Charges will be assessed per the damage charges list posted on the Department of Residence Life Website.
  • Donations: Consider donating your unwanted, usable items to local charities.
  • Make a Cleaning Plan: You are responsible for cleaning your spaces and purchasing your own cleaning supplies. Create a cleaning plan with your roommate(s) a week before the first roommate plans to leave. Discuss who is responsible for cleaning which items and who will purchase cleaning supplies. Discuss who is responsible for any common area damages.
  • Sink and/or bathroom: All bathrooms should be clean at the time of checkout. Remove all shower curtains and rings. Use non-abrasive cleaners such as Soft-Scrub or 409. Do not use abrasive cleaners such as Comet or Ajax on your sink/shower.
  • Mail Forwarding: Update your mail forwarding address with USPS prior to departing. First-class mail will be forwarded to the forwarding address specified for 30 days. All other mail will be returned to the Post Office. Update shipping addresses for online shopping sites or subscriptions and put in mail forwarding notices with USPS. Address changes can be done via cards available at all Residential Service Desks, or online via the USPS website. Residence Life will not pay to forward packages or mail to permanent addresses.

Parking While Moving Out

  • No parking is permitted on sidewalks, grass, or near any dumpsters/roll-a-ways on campus.
  • Residents at LRH are encouraged to park perpendicular to the building (the “wrong way” from the normal school year) to allow for more cars.
  • When moving out of any area, please limit your time to a maximum of 20 minutes to load your vehicle.


Q: How do I turn in my keys to complete my Express Checkout?
A: Each resident will be issued an empty key packet envelope labeled with your name and room number. Residence Life Staff will deliver the envelope to your room/unit before Finals Week. Please make sure to keep track of it until you check out. Once you are ready to depart campus (your room is clean and empty), your last step is to drop your key packet off at your nearest dropbox. Place all your keys inside the envelope, sign your name on the designated spot and seal the envelope tightly. Drop boxes are located at the Lincoln Front Desk, Founders Front Desk, and HCOM Entry.

Q: Do I need to schedule an appointment to complete an Express Check-Out?
A: No. As long as you have completed your check out before the Saturday Residence Hall Check-Out or Sunday Townhouse/Apartment Check-Out, you can check out at any time that works with your schedule. Staying past the deadlines will result in an Improper Checkout or Contract Extension Fee.

Q: Are there any exceptions for students who need to stay past the closing time?
A: If you have a serious need to stay in your space past the closing date, you must request an extension prior to closing from your Resident Director. Please email them as soon as possible with your reason for the extension request. If you get approval to stay past closing, you will be charged $30/day for a Contract Extension Fee (those who remain for 3 additional days or more will be charged the weekly summer rate, $195 for non-family housing). Failure to obtain approval will result in a $50 Improper Check-Out/Failure to Comply Charge in addition to the Contract Extension Fee. (Note: If you have a Summer Housing Contract on file, you will not be charged any extension fees.)

Q: How do I avoid check-out charges?
A: Here are some handy tips to avoid any check-out charges.

  • Don’t be late: Failure to check out by noon on Saturday, May 13, 2023, for the Residence Halls and noon on Sunday, May 14, 2023, for Apartments/Townhouses will result in a $50 Improper Check-Out/Failure to Comply charge.
  • Clean it up: Have your room clean and free of all trash and belongings. Remove tape, command strips or stickers, dust surfaces, empty your trash cans, clean your bathroom and other common areas, etc. Failure to leave your room clean (as you found it when you moved in) will result in cleaning charges ranging from $30 to $125+.
  • Turn in your key(s): Missing or broken keys will result in a $50 – $80 Lost Key Charge.

Q: How can I avoid paying for damages or cleanliness issues caused by my roommate?
A: Create a cleaning plan with your roommate(s) a week before the first roommate plans to leave. Divide cleaning responsibilities equitably; discuss who is responsible for cleaning which items and who will purchase cleaning supplies. If there is damage within a shared common area, you or a roommate can email your Resident Director stating you/they accept responsibility for the damage and associated charge. If Residence Life Staff cannot determine who caused damage to a common space and neither party accepted responsibility, the damage charge will be divided equally among all residents of that space.

Q: How do you determine if there is a charge in my room?
A: Staff rely on the room condition inventory you completed during check-in to determine if damages were pre-existing or caused during your stay. If you reported the existing damage during your check-in, you will not be charged for it at check out. Charges, if any, are determined by the Resident Directors or Maintenance Staff after final walkthroughs. Specific damage charge rates can be found on our website.