How to Apply:

If you are a UIS student who currently lives on campus for the current Spring semester, you will be able to fill out the Summer Application/Contract via the Student Housing Portal.

  • Summer Housing Application/Contract is available April 1st at 4pm.
  • Please be sure to click “I accept” on the last page of the application/contract.
  • You will be able to indicate the number of weeks you will need to reside on-campus. If you need a specific number of weeks that is not listed as an option, please select the closest option; then email our Central Office with the number of weeks you would need to reside on-campus for the summer semester.
  • *If you cannot access the Student Housing Portal, please email Residence Life at

Additional Information:

  • The Contract Cancellation Deadline is April 15th for the summer semester. Please provide all supporting documentation when submitting.
  • Summer Housing charges are assessed based on a weekly rate multiplied by the length of your contract. Your student account will be charged once at the beginning of the summer semester.
  • To ensure proper maintenance and all work orders are addressed, summer housing is consolidated into one court. Therefore, you will be assigned to the designated court for Summer Housing no matter your assignment for the current Spring semester or the upcoming Fall semester.
    • For locations for the upcoming summer, please see the reminders via the Student Housing Portal or contact the Central Office.
    • Some previously designated locations for Summer Housing have been:
      • 2017 – Bluebell Court
      • 2018 – Clover Court and Larkspur 260 building
      • 2019 – Larkspur Court
  • There will be a transition date for all students staying from the Spring semester to the Summer semester, to move from their Spring assignment to their Summer assignment. Additional details will be forwarded via email by the Summer Resident Director as the date approaches.
  • Please keep in mind that if you decide to check out at the end of the Spring semester, your move-in date will be the Summer move-in date for all incoming summer residents. Please visit our Summer Move-In information page for all transition date and move-in information.
  • If you are currently assigned to Family Housing, you will need to fill out the Summer Housing Application/Contract to stay for the summer semester. You will remain assigned to your current unit and will not be consolidated into the Summer Housing designated court. 

Storage Units Near Campus

There is no summer storage option available on campus.  Please see suggested options listed below if you need to store your belongings.

Please note: These options are provided due to their proximity to campus, the Department of Residence Life and the University of Illinois Springfield are not affiliated with these entities, nor do we endorse them for use.

Capital Storage

  • Location: 900 E. Straight Street, Springfield, IL 62703
  • Call to Reserve: 217-522-0300
  • 5ft x 10ft unit = $55 per month (smallest unit available)
  • No climate control available at Straight St. location.
  • No deposit, must pay first month upon reserving the unit.
  • For more sizes, prices and locations visit: 


  • Location: 1032 Stevenson Dr., Springfield, IL 67203
  • Call to Reserve: 217-786-2100
  • 5ft x 8ft = $59.95 per month (smallest unit available)
  • Limited number of climate controlled units.
  • No deposit, must pay first month upon reserving unit.
  • For more sizes, prices and locations visit: