What Is Specialty Housing?

  • Specialty Housing is designated housing for Living Learning Communities, Themed Housing, Graduate Student Housing, Family Housing and special accommodations for health and/or religious purposes.
  • Students have a variety of Specialty Housing options to choose from to accommodate preferences or needs. There is NO Homesteading Options (remaining assigned to your exact same space next year).
  • The Specialty Housing Options include:
    • Gender Inclusive Housing
    • Graduate Student Housing
    • Family Housing - Sunflower Court and Clover Court (limited availability)
    • Students Transitioning for Academic Retention and Success (STARS)
    • Necessary Steps Mentoring Program (NSMP)
    • Pre-Nursing Pathways
    • Leadership 4 Life (L4L)
    • Capital Scholars Honors Program (CAP)
  • Second Year/Sophomore returning students may be reassigned to the SYRI Communities (within Pennyroyal and Marigold Courts) by invitation ONLY throughout the summer semester!

How Do I Sign Up for Living Learning Communities or Specialty Housing?

  • Students who want to live in Living Learning Communities and other Specialty Housing (Family Housing, Themed Communities, Gender Inclusive, etc.) are required to complete the application/contract by the Specialty Housing deadline. Please choose your preferred living learning community or specialty housing selection on your housing application/contract.
  • Residence Life Student Staff (RAs, DAs, etc.) must also complete an application/contract by the Specialty Housing deadline. 

How Do My Friends and I Sign Up as a Group? 

  • You must search by the University Identification Number (UIN, all nine digits) for each of the students you want to sign up with. Only mutual requests will be considered as a group. There are NO mixed groups for Second Year students (current freshmen students) with Junior or above students (current second year, junior or above students).
  • Groups must sign up for the same room/apartment, as availability permits. Members will not be allowed to choose separate rooms unless there are no longer any spaces together on campus.
  • If you are invited for reassignment to the Second Year Residential Initiative (SYRI) throughout the summer, each member of your group must have at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average, no major policy violations, evidence of good citizenship as of the end of the spring semester, and no member of your group can be on disciplinary probation (apartment restriction). Only Second Year students can reside in SYRI designated courts.
    • If you or any member of your group selects a space for which you are not eligible, you will be reassigned after the Room Selection process has ended.

Do I Need A Meal Plan? 

  • Second Year Residential Initiative (SYRI) residents must purchase one of the residential meal plans*. If you are a SYRI Townhouse resident, you must minimally purchase the Bronze plan.
    • Silver Plan - Residential Meal Plan
    • Gold Plan - Residential Meal Plan
    • Signature Plan - Residential Meal Plan
    • Bronze Plan - Townhouse/Apartment Meal Plan
  • Failure to select a meal plan will cause a meal plan default selection for the Silver Plan for residence hall residents. 
  • Residents of campus apartments and townhouses who are NOT SYRI residents may purchase any meal plan offered by UIS. 

What Rooms will be Available within Room Selection?

  • SYRI - Second Year/Sophomore students with Access Times will be able to select spaces within Pennyroyal Court (5 units - 20 spaces), in addition to several Founders Residence Hall spaces.
  • Returning, Non-Residency Required Upperclassmen students will be available  to select spaces within East Campus and West Campus.
  • Clover Court 100, Clover Court 200 and Sunflower Court will NOT be available for upperclassmen students to select for Fall 2022.
    • Construction will occur in these areas starting Summer 2022.
    • Spaces in these areas may be available to process reassignments for Spring 2023.

Why Am I Not Able to Select a Specific Room?

  • SYRI - Second Year/Sophomore students will be able to select their assignment during their designated Room Selection Time. There will be a limited number of West Campus Townhouse spaces available for selection, in addition to several residence hall spaces. If a SYRI student applied for Specialty Housing, or did not apply by non-Specialty Housing deadline, they will not be able to select a space. 
  • You have the opportunity to select other SYRI Second Year/Sophomore students as your roommates.**

**See section on signing up as a group

How Do I Increase My Chances of Being Reassigned to a SYRI Townhouse Community? 

  • Residence Life will begin taking the request from current first year students (rising second year - sophomore students) interested in moving to the townhouses for next year during the summer semester. Students chosen for this privilege will be notified as space becomes available over the summer months. Groups will be chosen based on the following criteria: Living Learning Community stakeholder approval (if applicable), each member must be in good academic standing, have no major policy violations, exhibit evidence of good citizenship as of the end of the spring semester, and no member of your group can be on disciplinary probation. Only Second Year students can reside in SYRI designated courts together and every effort will be made to place Living Learning Community students with students from their same Living Learning Community. 
  • Residence Life must ensure all residence hall spaces in both buildings are full before allowing students to move to the apartments and townhouses. Furthermore, the common spaces, shared room and bathrooms, open corridors and community experience offered within the residence halls best support the developmental and educational goals the University has for its students. 
  • We would encourage you to reach out to students you know who have been accepted to UIS but are currently undecided to confirm their enrollment – growing our freshmen class is one of the quickest ways in which Residence Life is able to release eligible Second Year students to the townhouses. This enables the University to realize its goals of achieving academic excellence, enriching individual lives, making a positive difference in the world, strengthening campus culture, increasing enrollment and retention, and increasing resources and enhancing infrastructure. 

How is My Room Selection Access Time Determined?

  • If you are a Junior, Senior, or Graduate Student your access time will be determined based on an automated lottery, completed by our Housing Management System - for those students without Specialty Housing assignments. 
  • If you are a Second Year/ Sophomore, your Room Selection process will be the same as the above section detailed. However, there will be a limited number of West Campus Townhouse spaces available for selection, in addition to several residence hall spaces.
  • You will have access beginning at your designated time and continuing until the end of the Room Selection process. You may select your space at any point during your designated access period. 

What If I Want Summer Housing? 

  • Summer Housing rate will be $195 per week for private bedroom housing and $250 per week for family housing. 
  • All non-family housing will be located in East Campus. 
  • A separate summer housing application/contract will become available on April 1st, following the Room Selection Process. 
  • There is no on-campus summer storage option available. Please visit our website for suggested storage options.

What If I Want to Cancel My Submitted Application/Contract? 

  • If you submit an online application/contract for the Fall semester and change your mind before the Non-Specialty Housing deadline, you can email reslife@uis.edu to let us know that you wish to cancel your application/contract. Once you do this you are no longer bound to the contract – unless you are a residency required student (Second Year/Sophomore student). 
  • If you submit an online application/contract for the Fall semester and change your mind after you have completed the Room Selection Process, you must meet the criteria for cancellation according to the electronically signed terms and conditions of the Housing Contract. The cancellation criteria is listed on the Cancellation Request Form. 

What if I Do Not Apply by the Non-Specialty Housing deadline? 

  • After the Non-Specialty Housing deadline, you can still apply online for on campus housing. You will need to contact the Department of Residence Life to permit accurate application/contract access. 
  • All late applicants will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis after the online Room Selection access. 

Important Reminders

  • Your housing contract is for the entire Academic Year. If you know that you will be studying abroad or completing an internship in the Fall semester, you can choose not to sign up for housing until you return. If you do not reapply for housing, your deposit will be refunded upon checking out in May (non-residency required students only).
  • If you plan on graduating in December or studying abroad in the Spring semester, these are approved reasons for contract cancellation, and you may cancel the Spring portion of your housing contract near the end of the Fall semester. You will receive information from your Resident Director, as the fall semester ends/closes. The cancellation timeline and criteria is listed on our website.
  • Every reasonable consideration will be given to your preference for housing accommodations, room, and roommate(s). However, your contract is for residential space at University of Illinois Springfield and not for a particular accommodation, room or roommate. If you are a non-residency required student and do not reapply for housing, the Department of Residence Life will not reserve a space for you for the Fall semester.