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Domestic Partnership Documentation Requirements

Family Housing residents who are not legally marriedmust provide appropriate documentation to establish their domestic partnership through the demonstrated existence of at least three (3) of the following items* to fulfill the required evidence of a committed relationship (in order to demonstrate joint responsibility of each other’s common welfare and shared financial obligations) at the time of submission of the application/contract:

  • Active Domestic Partnership Agreement registered in another jurisdiction (legal document obtained from an attorney)
  • Joint mortgage or lease
  • Designation of domestic partner or beneficiary for life insurance purposes
  • Designation of domestic partner or beneficiary for retirement death benefit purposes
  • Designation of domestic partner as primary beneficiary in employees will, or of employee in domestic partner’s will
  • Durable property and/or health care powers of attorney
  • Joint ownership of motor vehicle
  • Joint checking account or credit account
  • Driver’s license with the same address provided at the time of submission of the application/contract

*The list above may not be all-inclusive.  Exceptions to this list may be requested in writing to the Director of Residence Life; honoring such a request is subject to the discretion of the Director or designee.

Additionally, all Family Housing applicants with Domestic Partners must submit the Domestic Partnership Declaration Form (pdf) to the Department of Residence Life at the time of submission of the application/contract.