Information Regarding Damages & Charges:

When a resident checks in to campus housing, they will be given their keys and room inventory. Each resident is responsible for making sure that all damages and deficiencies are noted on room inventory. They will be provided a deadline to turn in the completed form. When the resident checks out of campus housing, all damages and deficiencies not listed on the inventory check-in form will be charged to the resident(s) of the living unit. If we must paint, fix, repair or replace our property because of a resident’s negligence or intention, then we will charge that resident for our time, materials and labor to bring our property back to good condition. The University pays for damages that occur through normal wear and tear; you are charged for any additional damages. Financial assessments for replacement or repair of items damaged are based on repair and replacement costs (including labor costs) plus administrative fees. Residents may forfeit deposits and incur additional charges based on damages incurred through their contract period. Maintenance and repairs will be completed based on the Housing schedule and occupancy of the apartment, this may occur at a future time when deferred maintenance can be completed.

The room inventory is not considered a work request and the resident is responsible for turning in work requests through the work order system.

Damage Summary and Appeal Process

Within fourteen (14) days of receiving any damage or cleaning charge, the resident may appeal the charge in writing to the Department of Residence Life. All disputes are reviewed by an Appeals Committee and the Assistant Director of Residents Life for Facilities and Operations (or designated representative). Decisions may include the waiving of charges, altering monetary amounts, or upholding the original charges. Appeal decisions of the committee are final. Appeals received after the fourteen (14) days mark or multiple appeals for the same charge will be automatically dismissed.

At check-out, charges that were not previously placed upon the account may be issued  in the form of a Damage Summary. A damage summary is sent to the student’s UIS email account via their Resident Director. The summary includes information about the student’s checkout, including type of checkout, list of damages and charges (if applicable), information relating to the appeal process, deposit processing, etc. If a student has not received a damage summary within 10 business days after their checkout, they are to contact their designated Resident Director. Again the resident has fourteen (14) days to appeal in writing any disputed charges. Failure to check your student email account is not grounds for an extension of the appeal process deadline.