Resources & Training

To support UIS faculty, staff, and student research, we provide resources, facilities, tools, and training materials. Workshops designed especially for students can be found on the Student Research and Scholarship Support website. Specific topics, such as Human Subjects Research and the Responsible Conduct of Research are also available. In addition, the staff of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs are available for classroom visits and workshops.

External Funding

Grants Forward

Powerful search engine based on your research profile. Provides information on funding resources for research. Accessible only to University of Illinois students, staff & faculty. For full access, create an account by clicking on Sign Up and using your UIS email to connect to our institutional account.
The White House Office of Management and Budget has mandated that all 26 Federal agencies post their competitive grant opportunities here to facilitate ease in locating grants as well as downloading and submitting applications. Managed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the aim of this site is to eventually become the central repository for federal grant information.

To view the latest news and information on the government grant system, follow their blog.

National Science Foundation

In addition to posting on, NSF funding opportunities are available at To apply for an NSF grant, contact to help you set up a profile on

National Institutes of Health
In addition to posting on, NIH funding opportunities are available at  To apply for an NIH grant, contact to help you register with eRA Commons and to use Workspace or NIH ASSIST.

Additional offices at UIS can assist with finding funding sources:



UIS subscribes to the powerful Qualtrics survey software. View the ITS website for details.

UIS is part of the University of Illinois Campus Cluster, a massive computing resource.

Conflict of Commitment and Interest

New policy went into effect July 19, 2018.

Overview of Changes to COCI Policy (pdf)

COCI Policy and training session schedule

Student Workshops

Grant Application Workshop

November 28, 2012
Part 1:
Applying to the Undergraduate Student Research fund  (video)

Dr. Keenan Dungey

Part 2:
Undergraduate research with humans or animals: the IRB (video)

Dr. Frances Shen

Research, Wings, and Other Things

November 12, 2019

Co-sponsored by the Research Society of UIS, Career Development Center, Office of Internships and Prior Learning

View It and Do It

March 2017

Student panel on how to prepare for professional presentations


Every semester we sponsor on-campus training workshops through the Faculty Development Resource Office.

Scholarly Writing

UIS held a workshop on scholarly writing on Feb. 21, 2019. A panel of faculty shared tips on publishing books as part of the UIS Authors Festival.

Grant Writing

Grant proposals are to be submitted to the UI START myProposals portal. Links and job aids can be found on the START myResearch webpage.

NIH produces a podcast “All About Grants” with regular tips and tricks.


  1. Finding Funding

Powerpoint slides (grant writing workshop part 1.pdf) and YouTube lecture

2. Tips for Success

Powerpoint slides (grant writing workshop part 2 [pdf] ) and YouTube lecture

3. Application Process

Powerpoint slides ( grant writing workshop part 3 [pdf] ) and YouTube lecture

Competitive Scholarly Research Grant program

UIS held a workshop on Nov. 8, 2019, specifically addressed how to apply to the UIS internal grant program.

Powerpoint slides (CSRG Presentation 2019 [pdf]) and YouTube video (below).

Moy Collaborative Research Fund

At the same workshop on Nov. 8, 2019, directions were provided on how to apply to the Moy SIU-SOM/UIS Collaborative Research Fund.

Powerpoint slides (Moy Presentation 2019 [pdf]) and YouTube video (below).

UIS Campus Presentations on Funding and Proposal Writing