Federally-Negotiated Rates: FY24

FY2024 Facilities and Administrative
(Also called F&A, ICR, and Overhead)
*41.2% – Modified Total Direct Costs (MTDC) On-Campus
*17.8% – Modified Total Direct Costs (MTDC) Off-Campus

Signed FY24-27 F&A Agreement

*33.67% for UIS SURS eligible faculty and staff, broken down as follows:
19.26% Health/Life/Dental Insurance
12.53% SURS (Retirement)
0.42% Termination
1.45% Medicare
0.01% Workers' Compensation

7.66% for non-student employees not covered by SURS

FY24 UIS Fringe Benefit Rates (external link to OBFS)
For projects with an anticipated funding date on or after July 1, 2024, please use the Provisional FY25 Fringe Rate (43.13%)

Indirect Cost Rate (ICR) Allocations – FY24

Campus Administration2.00%
Unit & Project Director32.10%
Educational Technology2.00%
VCAA - Admin & Research Support14.00%
Research Board3.00%
OBFS Accounting5.90%
Facilities & Services36.00%
Indirect Cost Rates for FY24

Federal and State AlphaNumeric Information

  • DUNS Number for Federal Grants has been replaced by UEI below
    • SAM Cage Code: 3XKK9, expiration date 11/15/2024
    • Unique Entity ID (UEI): M6X1K9AU6HM5
  • DUNS Number for State of Illinois Grants has been replaced by UEI below
    • SAM Cage Code: 1QB47, expiration date 10/23/2024
    • Unique Entity ID (UEI): LMKAF2LNJGP6
  • F.E.I.N. (federal tax ID): 37-6000511
  • T.I.N. (state tax ID): 100067601
  • U.S. Congressional District: IL-013
  • Illinois Senate District: 48 (note: redistricting took effect 01/01/2022)
  • Illinois State Representative District: 95 (note: redistricting took effect 01/01/2022)

Other Rates and Important Numbers