Proposal Submission (Pre-Award Stage)

Notify ORSP of Intent to Submit

The Office of Research & Sponsored Programs partners with faculty and staff to identify internal and external funding sources, interpret sponsor guidelines and requirements, and to assist with proposal submission.

Please notify ORSP as soon as you decide to develop an application for external funding. This can be done by emailing or completing the three "Basics" sections in myProposals. For system-wide grants, such as DPI and IIN, myProposal approvals are often not required, but we do request that proposals and the portal's minimum required fields are entered for reporting purposes.

Read the Solicitation and Submit ALL Required Documents for Internal Review

The UIS campus research policy requires complete applications to be submitted in myProposals at least two weeks before external deadlines to allow for processing paperwork, collecting approvals, assuring compliance of the application or contract with funding agency requirements, Business and Finance Risk Management and UI legal counsel, and correcting any errors detected by our office or the online system. ORSP reserves the right not to approve proposals that are incomplete or late.

Pre-proposal applications without budget requirements will be accepted with a minimum of 4 business days’ notice.

Proposals with limited submissions allowed must be received at least one month before external deadlines to allow time for a selection committee to be formed.

Minimum Requirements in myProposals

  • All required portal fields
  • Program Solicitation and Sponsor Guidelines
  • Scope of Work
  • Internal Budget
  • FY2024 Budget Template (awards submitted through June 30, 2024)
  • FY2025 Budget Template (awards submitted on or after July 1, 2024)
  • Detailed Budget Justification
  • All documents the sponsor requires in their solicitation package.

Additional Items That May Be Required

  • For subawards at the proposal stage, include each institution/investigator's Scope of Work, Budget, Budget Justification, and any other documents the sponsor requires.
  • For units requesting to voluntarily reduce/waive F&A, an ICR Waiver Request must be submitted.
  • For budgets that include a course buyout, a Course Buyout Request must be approved and provided.

Internal Review and Submission

  • After review and Central Office Approval, an Authorized Organizational Representative will submit on the unit's behalf or grant an exception for the unit to submit directly to the sponsor.

Notification of Award/non-Award

If you receive notice that an award has not been recommended for funding, please mark the proposal as "Not Funded" in the myResearch portal to maintain accurate records.

If you receive notice that your proposal has been recommended for funding, forward the award letter and any agreement(s) provided by the sponsor. These must be reviewed by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. If necessary, UI Legal will be consulted, and the terms and conditions may need to be negotiated with the sponsor. Once terms and conditions are acceptable to the university, the agreement will be routed to the appropriate institutional officials via a Pre-Award Contract Approval Routing Form (CARF).

After all UIS approvals have been granted, the signed agreement will be sent back to the sponsor for execution. They should then send the signed agreement back to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

Access to Funds

Once the fully executed agreement is on file with ORSP, it moves to the Post-Award stage for fund set up.

For Assistance: