Download the current UIS IRB Human Subjects Research Application and fill it out on your computer. NOTE: Handwritten forms will be returned to you.

Indicate your faculty advisor, their contact information, and course name (if applicable).

Attach the following (as applicable):

  • Clear and detailed explanation of the methods to be used in the study (e.g. the methods section from your thesis proposal).
  • Script or text for recruiting volunteers.
  • Informed consent form for potential participants using the Informed Consent Document Template.
  • Survey instrument or interview questions.
  • Permission from the facility where the research will be conducted. This must be on letterhead, with the title of the signatory clearly stated and details of the facility’s involvement.
  • Permission to use standardized and/or copyrighted instruments, or proof that the instrument is freely available for use in research.

Carefully proofread all documents for spelling and grammatical correctness. Sign the form, and secure the signature of your faculty advisor. Send the form and attachments to the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs.

Allow a minimum of two – four weeks for review and approval of exempt and expedited research protocols. Follow the posted deadlines for review and approval by the full IRB.

The Office of Research & Sponsored Programs reserves the right to return incomplete and poorly edited protocol packages to the researcher before initiating the review process.