COCI Reporting

Each of the three universities and the System Offices conduct a coordinated annual disclosure and review process for conflicts of commitment and interest among its academic staff members to meet the requirements of law and of research sponsors.  These processes are conducted through the University’s online reporting tool, START myDisclosures, using the Report of Non-University Activities (RNUA) and myFCOI Checklist. For more information, consult the START myDisclosures Users’ Guide.

Academic staff members have the duty to request and obtain approval from their Unit Executive Officer (UEO) prior to engaging in activities or relationships that present “actual or reasonably perceived conflicts of commitment or interest with their University responsibilities“. These activities and relationships include:

  • Non-University income-producing activities;
  • Non-University financial relationships or fiduciary roles that constitute actual or reasonably perceived conflicts of interest with regard to the academic staff member’s University appointment, with certain exceptions as outlined
  • Other financial relationships or fiduciary roles, commitments, or activities of academic staff members or their immediate family that present an actual or reasonably perceived conflict of commitment or interest with regard to their University appointment.

See RNUA Disclosure Guidance for more information and examples.

COCI Policy

The Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost is responsible for the implementation of the University of Illinois Policy on Conflict of Commitment and Interest (COCI) on the UIS campus. The University’s policy rests on a foundation of laws, statutes, and regulations. This policy is periodically revised to ensure that all regulatory requirements are properly addressed. The COCI policy can be accessed at the following link:

In cases where conflicts are identified, it might be possible to manage them.  Below is a sample template for a conflict management plan.

Conflict Management Plan template (doc)

The Conflict Review Committee at UIS is comprised of two faculty members and one AP, serving staggered three-year terms, to advise the Responsible Official when COCI issues arise.

For questions regarding the Conflict of Commitment and Interest (COCI) Policy or reporting procedures including the Report of Non-University Activities (RNUA), please email or call (217) 206-7409. See Frequently Asked Questions from UIC.