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Navigating the path to dental school can be complex. We're here to guide you every step of the way.

Plan Your Path to Dental School

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Choose Your Ideal Dental School Destination: Understand and align with specific dental school prerequisites to shape your UIS academic plan. Consider key factors like location, student body, curriculum focus, clinical experiences, and community involvement in your school selection, with resources from the American Dental Education Association.

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Plan Your Course of Study: Your journey to dental school requires careful planning. From selecting the right prerequisites to aligning your courses with dental school requirements, our advisors are here to tailor a plan that suits your goals.

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Join our Pre-Health Community: Benefit from transformative support and connections, including mentorship, hands-on experiences, and collaborative projects, all essential for your healthcare journey. Engage with our community of faculty, staff, students, and professional mentors.

Typical Dental School RequirementsWhat to take at UIS
General Chemistry - 2 semestersGENERAL CHEMISTRY – CHE 141 AND CHE 142
Organic Chemistry - 2 semestersORGANIC CHEMISTRY – CHE 267/268 AND CHE 269/271
Biochemistry - 1 semesterBIOCHEMISTRY – CHE 475 (CHE 476 LAB OPTIONAL)
Biology - 2 semestersBIOLOGY – BIO 141 AND BIO 142
Microbiology – 2 SemestersMICROBIOLOGY – BIO 231/232 OR BIO 495
Anatomy and Physiology – 2 SemestersANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY – BIO 201/202 OR BIO 429/431
Math – 2 SemestersMATH – MAT 115 AND MAT 121
English – 2 SemestersENGLISH – 2 SEMESTERS
Psychology – 2 semestersPSYCHOLOGY – PSY 101 AND PSY 221
Note: Some classes require prerequisites—Be sure to plan your path with an advisor.

General Advice

If you are interested in a career in dentistry, make sure to do some soul searching before plunging headfirst into the application process. Check out the ADEA “Why be a dentist” resources.

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