Dr. Dylan Blaum
Ph.D., Northern Illinois University
Areas of Specialization: Cognitive Psychology, Argumentation, Text Comprehension
Office: UHB 3130
Phone: 217-206-8203
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Dr. Hypatia Bolívar
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Florida
Areas of Specialization: Experimental Analysis of Human Behavior, Basic Models of Relapse, Behavioral Approaches to Addiction
Office: UHB 3137
Phone: 217-206-8204
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Dr. Michele Miller
Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin - Madison
Areas of Specialization: Educational Psychology, Child Development, Temperament, Readiness for School, Trauma-informed Practices in Early Education
Office: UHB 3139
Phone: 217-206-8058
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Dr. Dennis Papini
Ph.D., West Virginia University
Areas of Specialization: Life-Span Developmental Psychology, Adolescent Psychosocial Development, Parent-Adolescent Relations
Office: BSB 101
Phone: 217-206-8780
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Dr. Sheryl Reminger
Ph.D., University of Arizona
Areas of Specialization: Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology, Neuroimaging, Cognitive Impact of Chronic Disease
Office: UHB 3124
Phone: 217-206-8011
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Dr. Frances Shen
Ph.D., Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
Areas of Specialization: Counseling Psychology, Multicultural and Diversity Issues, Asian American Psychology
Office: UHB 3128
Phone: 217-206-7270
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Dr. Carrie Switzer
Associate Professor and Chair
Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
Areas of Specialization: Developmental/Educational Psychology, Motivation, Perceived Barriers to Education, Academic Self-Efficacy
Office: UHB 3126
Phone: 217-206-7229
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Dr. Diana Zaleski
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Northern Illinois University
Areas of Specialization: Educational Psychology, Educational Policy, Measurement, Assessment and Evaluation
Office: UHB 3132
Phone: 217-206-7340
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Dr. Joshua Camins
Ph.D., Sam Houston State University
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Dr. Karla Ivankovich
Ph.D., North Central University
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Ms. Maureen Talbert
M.A., University of Illinois Springfield
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Ms. Rachel Tohme
M.A., University of Illinois Springfield
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