Facilities for Students

The Psychology Department facilities in University Hall include a psychology lab, a computer lab, graduate assistants’ offices, an observation area fitted with multimedia equipment, and a psychology reading room.

Psychology Labs

The large multipurpose psychology laboratory (UHB 3118) is equipped with a variety of instruments to help students understand how experimental studies are conducted in the fields of memory, perception, learning, and other major areas. This equipment allows students to gain experience with some of the traditional evaluative and assessment procedures used within the discipline. The Psychology Department also contains several small lab rooms for research purposes (UHB 3125, 3127, 3129).

Computer Lab

Although the campus has several different computer labs for student use, the Psychology Department has a computer lab (UHB 3116) that houses approximately 20 computer stations specifically for psychology student use in conjunction with supervised lab exercises and course-related assignments. The lab provides students access to the Internet as well as a variety of other software programs, including MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and SPSS.

Graduate Assistant Office

The Psychology Program provides a graduate assistantship every year. The Department’s graduate assistant (GA) is a graduate student currently enrolled in a graduate program at UIS who has been chosen for his/her specific skills and competencies. The Psychology GA provides course-related assistance to psychology undergraduates and aid to instructors with research and course-related work. The GA also assists students with course-related research projects, computer use, and writing using the APA style. The office is UHB 3134. Contact the current GA.

Observation Rooms

The Psychology Department has a well-equipped clinical observation suite that includes the multimedia equipment needed for students to observe behavioral demonstrations through a one-way mirror, and to make video recordings of various illustrative and evaluative procedures.