Welcome to Psychology, the science of human and animal behavior! It’s like solving fascinating puzzles about our minds and actions. Our program helps you explore various areas of Psychology through core courses in research and discussions.

Psychology B.A.

Psychology Minor

Psychology Online

With a Psychology degree, you can embark on a wide range of fulfilling careers. You'll have the opportunity to work in business, government, healthcare, or education, and there's much more!


If education is your passion, explore teaching as a rewarding avenue. As an educator, you can inspire and educate the next generation.


If you're drawn to helping others, consider a path in counseling or social work, where you can provide vital support to individuals facing life's challenges.


For those who thrive on scientific inquiry and a thirst for knowledge, research positions within Psychology offer the chance to delve into exciting discoveries and contribute to our understanding of the human mind.

While some of these careers may require additional education, such as obtaining a Master's or Ph.D., our courses provide a strong foundation for your journey. We also encourage you to broaden your horizons by exploring other subjects for a well-rounded education. Gain invaluable hands-on experience through internships at mental health centers or research positions.

Picture yourself making a difference in people's lives or conducting groundbreaking research in Psychology. It's all possible here, and your academic advisors are here to guide you toward success in this rewarding field.