What is Medical Laboratory Science?

Medical Laboratory Scientists (MLS) are the behind-the-scenes medical investigators in the healthcare industry. Using the latest methods and biomedical instrumentation, MLS perform sophisticated analyses of blood, body fluids, body tissues and other specimen sources to support patient diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring. In addition, MLS ensure laboratory testing quality, implement new test methods, conduct research, and advise other members of the interdisciplinary healthcare team.

In this major, you will engage in learning experiences both on-campus and in actual clinical settings. Our graduates are immediately eligible for professional certification and are highly qualified for employment in hospital, public health, forensic science, research, veterinary, industry, and environmental laboratories.  The MLS major is also an excellent preparation for graduate studies and medical school. Graduates of the MLS Program at UIS are eligible to sit for the ASCP BOC MLS examination via Route 1.


The mission of the Medical Laboratory Science Program at the University of Illinois Springfield is to offer a premier educational experience through student-centered teaching, experiential learning, professional service, and community engagement to develop responsible, scrupulous, competent professionals who will meaningfully contribute to laboratory medicine.


Develop knowledgeable, skilled, quality-focused, conscientious, and adaptable professionals.

Cultivate research, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills grounded in evidence-based practice.

Establish skills in professionalism, lifelong learning, and professional engagement to shape a diverse, inclusive, and equitable professional landscape.

Why Choose a Medical Laboratory Science Degree?

As the demand for healthcare workers grows, the University of Illinois Springfield’s Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) bachelor’s degree program is proud to report a 100% job placement rate following graduation. Medical laboratory scientists play a crucial role in the healthcare system by performing a wide range of laboratory tests and analyses on blood, body fluids, and other samples that help diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases.

Check out the video below to hear what MLS students and faculty have to say about the MLS profession and the MLS Program at UIS!



The MLS Program is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences

5600 N. River Rd., Suite 720
Rosemont, IL 60018
(773) 714-8880

Program Outcomes

OutcomeClass of 2019class of 2020class of 2021class of 2022class of 2023Class of 2024
Graduation Rate
(percent of students who enter the final half of the program and successfully graduate from the program)
External Certification Rate
(percent of graduates who attempt and pass the ASCP-BOC national certification exam within one year of graduation)
Placement Rate
(percent of graduates who seek and find employment in the field or closely related field or continue their education within one year of graduation)
* data pending, outcomes will be updated as data become available

Graduation Rate Three-Year Average

  • UIS 2021-2023: 100%
  • NAACLS benchmark: 70%

External Certification Rate Three-Year Average

  • UIS 2021-2023: 82%
  • NAACLS benchmark: 75%

Placement Rate Three-Year Average

  • UIS 2021-2023: 100%
  • NAACLS benchmark: 70%

MLS Club

The MLS Club is a student organization that promotes awareness of the MLS profession through leadership, service, fundraising, and advocacy. All current UIS students with an interest in laboratory medicine are welcome to join the MLS Club.

Please contact the MLS Club’s faculty advisor, Amandailee Adams, for meeting dates and details.

Members of the MLS Club
Members of the MLS Club
Members of the MLS Club

Alumni Spotlight

MLS alumnus, Courtney Lower, pursued a degree in MLS because she wanted to work in a laboratory setting and play an important role in patient care. She also liked the excellent job placement prospects for MLS graduates - there is a very high demand for new MLS. During her time in the MLS Program, Courtney enjoyed multiple opportunities for professional engagement and held several leadership positions at the campus, state, and national levels.

Check out the video below to hear what Courtney had to say about her experiences in the MLS Program.

OPT Stem Extension

Students who graduate with an on-ground degree in the MLS field are eligible to apply to the STEM-OPT program! Learn more on the International Student Services website.

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As the demand for healthcare workers grows, the University of Illinois Springfield’s Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) bachelor’s degree program is proud to…
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