MLS Student Handbook

The 2023-2024 MLS Student Handbook outlines the programmatic structure and expectations; contains programmatic and clinical practicum policies; and identifies key programmatic stakeholders (e.g. faculty, clinical affiliates, clinical liaisons, advisory committee members).

Request for Recommendation

To request professional or academic recommendation from MLS faculty, current and former students must electronically submit a Request for Recommendation to the MLS faculty member and MLS Program.  To protect the privacy of students’ academic information, a recommendation cannot be provided until a completed Request for Recommendation form has been received by the MLS faculty member.

Honors in MLS Application

MLS majors with a cumulative GPA equal to or greater than 3.25 in the MLS Program and one semester in residency at UIS may elect to participate in the MLS honors option. Prior to the final semester of the MLS Professional Phase, interested candidates must secure a faculty research advisor and submit an Honors in MLS Application.

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