The Philosophy Department at UIS strives to be a national leader in offering advanced undergraduate education online while serving the entire UIS student population, undergraduate and graduate.

The curriculum focuses on the areas of core analytic philosophy (metaphysics, epistemology, and related areas) and values (ethics, aesthetics, and political philosophy) while providing a sound background in the history of philosophy.

The objectives of the Philosophy major include providing students with basic knowledge in the main areas of philosophy (theory of knowledge, values, and history of philosophy); increasing their awareness of ethical issues; improving their analytical skills; and assisting them in developing problem-solving experience in at least one of the main areas of philosophy.

Why Choose Philosophy at UIS?

Students in the UIS Philosophy department live all over the country and come from all walks of life. This is often reflected in online course discussion, where everybody has a chance to argue philosophy with individuals from diverse backgrounds. There are currently over 50 Philosophy majors in our program.

Career Paths

A degree in Philosophy is valuable for many entry-level positions in business, government, and education. Philosophy is also an excellent pre-law degree. Explore the other career paths that a philosophy degree can lead to.

"Philosophy for me is like seeing blue sky after days of initial steps into Philosophy have given me the desire to explore even more difficult, unsettling, as well as, fascinating issues."

Linda Williams, Philosophy student

Program Successes


  • Congratulations to Matthew Lowery, Outstanding Student in Philosophy for 2019!
  • Congratulations to Jesse Bahrke, Honorable Mention in Philosophy for 2019!
  • Congratulations to Kimberlee Pompa, Philosophy Program Marshal for 2019!
  • Featured Student: Ben Paoletti — check out his video profile


  • Stephanie Olson, a successful lawyer, has just recently become Senior Legal Counsel in a US Government agency. Congratulations, Stephanie!
  • Blake Dournaee is Senior Security Product Manager at a Silicon Valley tech company.

Philosophy News