In Fall 2022, the Mathematical Sciences and Philosophy programs here at UIS formed in one department, creating a community of passionate scholars who provide a unique student-centered educational experience.

Students in the Mathematical Sciences and Philosophy Department join that community, where they can connect with each other and with our faculty and staff, whether through online or face-to-face communication.

The Mathematical Sciences Program is designed to meet the ever-increasing demands for quantitative skills. It offers a challenging, goal-oriented, and effective curriculum that prepares students well for their next endeavor. Many go on to graduate study in mathematics, statistics or other fields which emphasize math; others return to their workplace with increased skills and competency. Graduates who pair their degree program with teacher certification preparation go to secondary education classrooms, where they pass on their love for math to a new generation.

UIS’s Philosophy Program strives to be a national leader in offering advanced undergraduate education online while serving the entire student population, graduate and undergraduate. Our students ask the same fundamental questions about the world and how we, as human beings fit in as does everyone at some in their life. But they seek the answers in a disciplined and systematic way. In this program, students examine the theory of knowledge, explore moral reasoning, and improve their critical thinking and analytical skills. The skills gained as a philosophy major are extremely useful in many other disciplines, in graduate study, and for a range of careers.

Our Programs

Professor explaining equations


Teaches students diverse quantitative skills through its junior/senior level program or through the math minor

Students listening in a classroom


Teaches students basic knowledge in the main areas of philosophy, increased their awareness of ethical issues, improves their analytical skills, and assists them in developing problem-solving experience in at least one of the main areas of philosophy