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(2020). The State of Illinois’s fiscal challenges and budget practices. Municipal Finance Journal.

School Authors: Beverly Bunch, Ph.D. and Ann Schneider, DPA

Other Authors: Patricia Byrnes, Ph.D.

(2020). Is Tax Competition Strategic? Spatial Distributions of Business Property Tax Abatements in the Chicago SuburbsEconomic Development Quarterly.

School Author: Richard Funderburg, Ph.D.

Other Authors: Joshua Drucker, Ph.D. and David Merriman, Ph.D

(2020). Stepping up to the plate: Making social equity a priority in public administration’s troubled times. Journal of Public Affairs Education.

School Author: Sean McCandless, Ph.D.

Other Authors: R. Berry-James, Ph.D., B. Blessett, Ph.D., A, Nickels, Ph.D., Norman-Major, K., and P. Vinzant, Ph.D.

(2021). Job-fit and high-performance versus high-empowerment HR: moderators of the PSM—organizational commitment relationship. Public Management Review.

School Authors: J. Travis Bland, Ph.D. and Nicole Albertson, DPA Student

Other Authors: Adam M. Williams, Ph.D.

(2021) The undelivered dream: Policing, administrative rules, and social equity. Administrative Theory & Praxis.

School Author: Ty Dooley, Ph.D.

(2021). Improving institutional evaluation methods: Comparing evaluations using PSM, Exact and Coarsened Exact Matching. Research in Higher Education.

School Authors: Bob Blankenberger, Ph.D. and Sophia Gehlhausen Anderson, D.P.A.

Other Authors: Eric Lichtenberger, Ph.D.

(2021) Are online doctoral program graduates viewed as hireable for academic positions? The case of public affairs programs. The Journal of Continuing Higher Education.

School Authors: Bob Blankenberger, Ph.D.

Other Authors: Derek Slagle, Ph.D. and Adam Williams, Ph.D.

(2021) Separate and unequal: A sample of disparities in five American unincorporated territories, Public Integrity.

School Authors: Manuel Roman-Basora, DPA Student and J. Travis Bland, Ph.D.

(2021) What Determines the Liberal-Conservative Orientation of College Students? A Comparative Analysis of Two Universities. Midsouth Political Science Review.

School Author: Ty Dooley, Ph.D.

Other Authors: G. Tiruneh, Ph.D. and J.Y. Howard, Ph.D.

(2020). Moving from procedure to practice: A statewide child protection simulation training model.  Journal of Public Child Welfare

School Authors: Betsy Goulet, DPA

Other Authors: T. P. Cross, Y. L. Chiu, and S. Evans

(2020) Do Local Governments Use Business Tax Incentives to Compensate for High Business Property Taxes?” Regional Science and Urban Economics, 81.

School Author: Richard Funderburg, Ph.D.

Other Authors: Joshua Drucker, Ph.D., David Merriman, Ph.D, and Rachel Weber, Ph.D.

(2020). Drivers of social engagement: Investigating the employee voice-advice sharing relationship. Review of Public Personnel Administration, 40(4). 669-690.

School Author: J. Travis Bland, Ph.D.

Other Author: Adam Williams, Ph.D.

(2020). Adoption of Plastic Bag Ordinances in Illinois: Lessons for Municipalities Considering Legislation.  Illinois Municipal Policy Journal, 5(1): 91-112.

School Author: Junfeng Wang, Ph.D.

Other Author: Megan Styles, Ph.D.

(2020). An Auto Regressive Deep Learning Model for Sales Tax Forecasting from Multiple Short Time Series.” Proceedings of the 2019 18th IEEE International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA), Boca Raton, FL, USA, 2019, pp. 1359-1364. iEEE Xplore.

School Author: Kenneth A. Kriz, Ph.D.

Other Authors: Elham Buxton, Ph.D., Matthew Creemens, Ph.D., and Jay Kim, Ph.D.

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Achieving Social Equity Book Cover

(2020). Achieving social equity: From problems to solutions. Melvin & Leigh Publishers.

School Editor: Sean A. McCandless, Ph.D.

Other Editor: Mary Ellen Guy, Ph.D.

(2019). Tax Increment Financing and Economic Development: Uses, Structures, and Impact, 2nd ed.  Albany, NY: State University of New York. .

School Author: Kenneth A. Kriz, Ph.D.

Other Author: Craig L. Johnson, Ph.D.

Capital Management Book Cover

(2019). Capital Management and Budgeting in the Public Sector . Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

School Editor: Arwiphawee Srithongrung (Awri Kriz), DPA

Other Editors: Wie Yusuf, Ph.D. and Natalia Ermasova, Ph.D.