World-Class Faculty

Our students learn from and collaborate with our world-class faculty, whose professional engagements and scholarship spans public administration, management, policy, and human services. They are inspiring mentors, and their expertise and research play a vital role in public policy and program development, both locally and globally.

Junfeng Wang

Junfeng Wang, Ph.D
School of Public Management & Policy Director

Associate Professor & Director of the School of Public Management & Policy

Areas of Interest: Environmental policies, Nonprofit leadership, and MPA education

J. Travis Bland, Ph.D.
Interim Dean, College of Health, Science, & Technology

J. Travis Bland photo

Areas of Interest: Public Management, Ethics, & Organizational Health & Design

Bob Blankenberger, Ph.D.

Bob Blankenberger Photo

Areas of Interest: Public Policy, Higher Education, & Program Implementation

Denise Bockmier-Sommers, Ed.D.

Denise Bockmier-Sommers

Areas of Interest: Supervisory Competencies, Organizational Diversity

Beverly Bunch, Ph.D.

Beverly Bunch

Areas of Interest: Capital Financing, Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations, & State & Local Government budgeting

Ty Dooley, Ph.D.
Interim Dean, College of Public Administration & Education

Dr. Ty Dooley photo

Areas of Interest: Social Justice, Program
Evaluation, Housing
Policy, Policing and
Community Development
with a focus on the impact
of public policy on
marginalized populations

Richard Funderburg, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Richard Funderburg

Areas of Interest: State & Local Economic
Development Policy,Community Planning

Betsy Goulet, D.P.A.
Clinical Assistant Professor

Betsy Goulet

Areas of Interest: Child Protection & Advocacy and Experiential Learning

Youngjin Kang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & HMS Academic Lead

Youngjin Kang

Areas of Interest: Child and Family Studies

Kenneth Kriz, Ph.D.
Interim Vice Chancellor Finance and Administration

Ken Kriz Photo

Areas of Interest: Subnational Debt, Economic & Revenue Forecasting, & Behavioral Public Finance

Arwi Kriz, D.P.A.
Associate Professor

Awri Kriz

Areas of Interest: Public Budgeting & Finance, Fiscal Policy & Economic Growth, Government Efficiency Measurement

Will Miller, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus

Will Miller

Areas of Interest: Public Policy, Desegregation, Citizen Participation

Keyria Rodgers, D.P.A .
Visiting Assistant Instructor

Keyria Rodgers

Areas of Interest: public administration, public policy, criminal justice issues, reentry, social justice, expungement, diversion, deflection.

Gary Reinbold, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Gary Reinbold Photo

Areas of Interest: U.S. Social Policy & International Poverty & Development

Robert Smith, Ph.D.

Dr. Robert Smith

Areas of Interest: Public Budgeting Process & Structure

Matthew Sprong, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor and & DPA Program Lead

Dr. Matthew Sprong

Areas of Interest: Substance Abuse Disorders

Suyang Yu Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Head shot image of professor Suyang YU

Areas of Interest:
disaster response, public organizations’ adaptation to climate change.