Doctoral Students & Candidates

Most of our doctoral students are mid-to-late in their careers and have significant experience in the public, private, and/or nonprofit sectors. Some hold administrative positions in these sectors, and many are closely involved in developing and evaluating public policies at the federal, state, and/or local levels.

These students are completing their doctoral coursework, preparing for their qualifying exams, or working on their dissertations.

Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Minnesota-based non-profit Community and Economic Development Associates
Executive Director, E.S. Evolution, Illinois
Lieutenant, Patrol Division, Bloomington Police Dept.
Director of Policy, Planning and Outreach, R.M. Chin
Executive Director, Partnership for Community Innovation and Associate Director, Subsistence Marketplace Initiative, Gies College of Business, University of Illinois
Assistant Warden, Illinois Dept. of Corrections
Director of Operations, Nonprofit Organization
Retired Business Analyst, Allstate Insurance
Assistant Director for Innovation, University of Illinois Chicago
Assistant Director, Civic Engagement, Illinois State University
Defense Contractor, U.S. Army
CFO & Executive VP, Springfield Urban League, Inc.
Research Program Evaluation Manager, Bureau of Safety Programs and Engineering at the Illinois Dept. of Transportation
Chief of Parole, Illinois Dept. of Corrections
Director for Academic Affairs, Illinois Community College Board
Doctoral Fellow
Cyber Resiliency Analyst, Illinois Dept. of Innovation & Technology
Human Resource Director, City of Bloomington, Illinois