Doctoral Alumni

Our alumni have completed all program requirements, including successfully writing and defending their dissertations. They represent some of the most promising and accomplished social sector leaders in the region.

Deputy Director of Human Resources, Illinois National Guard
Executive Director of Development at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
Public Health Research Coordinator, Washington University School of Medicine
Online Program Coordinator, UIS Legal Studies & Political Science
Program & Policy Analyst, Wisconsin Dept. of Health Services in Milwaukee
President and CEO, Indiana Youth Institute
Investigator, Drug Enforcement Administration
Senior Community Development Specialist, St. Louis County
Professor of Communication, Lincoln College
Retired, State Police & National Guard
Methods & Procedures Advisor, Illinois Dept. of Public Health, Division of Chronic Diseases
Acting Chief, Division of Health Data and Policy, Illinois Department of Public Health
ExceleRate Pilot Project Manager, Illinois Governor’s Office of Early Childhood Development
Assistant Director for Academic Affairs, Illinois Board of Higher Education
Consultant, Transportation
Healthcare Specialist, U.S. Army
Income Tax Auditor, Illinois Dept. of Revenue
Executive Director of Regulatory Services, Illinois State Board of Education
SUPR DUI Training Program Coordinator, UIS Institute for Legal, Legislative, and Policy Studies