UIS alumni, businesses, and community members are invited to attend the 2022 Student, Technology, Arts, & Research Symposium (STARS).

What is the STARS Symposium?

UIS has a tradition of celebrating our students’ talents. Each year, we invite our graduate and undergraduate students from all academic disciplines to showcase their scholarly and creative works at the symposium. At STARS, students experience an opportunity to professionally present their work, interact with other scholars, and engage with UIS and surrounding community members and invited speakers.

  • Student researchers, under the guidance of faculty, will present at STARS in conference style format on a variety of topics related to business, the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and technology.
  • Students of visual arts will display and discuss their projects in the STARS Art Gallery.
  • Student musicians will offer live concert performances in Brookens Auditorium and in open STARS gathering spaces.
  • The Department of English and Humanities will launch the annual edition of Violet Margin.
  • The 2020 speaker is Dr. Walt Wolfram (William C. Friday’s Distinguished Professor at North Carolina State University and World-Renowned Sociolinguistics Researcher and Educator).
  • STARS symposium general information.