Sponsored Research and Non-research Projects

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) is responsible for negotiating all contracts, agreements, and grant awards for externally funded sponsored programs/projects. Sponsored Program contracts/agreements must be written in the legal name of The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois and include a signature line for the Comptroller.  Only the Comptroller, or her/his delegate, can sign contracts/agreements on behalf of the University.

A Contract Approval Routing Form (CARF) must be submitted to ORSP to obtain the Comptroller’s signature. The signed CARF documents that the Project Director, Unit Head, and Central Campus Administration agree to the accompanying contract’s terms and conditions, project’s statement of work, and project budget.

Sponsored Research Agreement

An agreement with another entity that is providing funding for a research project being conducted under the direction of university faculty.

ORSP staff are available to assist with negotiating the agreement. Follow the procedure outlined below for processing.

Sponsored Project Agreement

Any other intellectual activity, such as instructional design or faculty consulting, funded by an external entity.  Please refer to our website for guidance.

ORSP staff are available to assist with negotiating the agreement. Follow the procedure outlined below for processing.

Contract Submission Process

  1. Principal Investigator or Project Director (PI/PD) prepares project narrative and budget
  2. All projects must designate a fiscal officer, who will be responsible for administering any funds received.
  1. Fiscal officer initiates application on the START myProposals electronic system to route for approvals.
  2. All co-investigators/co-directors must also approve the myProposals application to certify their participation in response to a myResearch email alert.
  3. The myProposals form will be routed for the following approvals:
    1. For academic departments, first to the Program Chair, then to the Dean
    2. For non-academic departments, first to the Unit Head, then to the Vice Chancellor or Center Director
    3. The proposal is then routed to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
    4. Proposals involving faculty or staff from multiple units, or faculty with joint appointments, must be routed through all applicable administrative lines
  4. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, upon receiving the proposal and completed myProposals record, reviews the documents for accuracy and completeness then obtains final approval from the Provost or his/her designee.
  5. Proposal Deadlines

To ensure the submission of proposals by prescribed deadline dates, campus units should normally allow at least ten (10) working days for a proposal to be processed by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

8. Transmittal of Proposals

Units should inform the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs of any special handling instructions desired by attaching a separate note in the myProposals record.

9. When a sponsor has approved a project for funding, the University will receive notice that an award has been made or a contract is being prepared.

10. No award can be accepted until all sponsor terms and conditions have been reviewed and approved.


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