Annual Report and Disclosure of Non-University Activities

External activities that enhance academic staff members’ professional skills or constitute public service can benefit the University as well as the individual. However, because such activities can lead to conflicts of commitment or interest, they must be measured and monitored. The reporting of non-university activities (RNUA) process provides a mechanism for the academic staff to annual disclose these external activities.

The following links can be used by all academic staff, unit executive officers, and primary reviewers to complete the mandatory annual Reports of Non-University Activities.

The RNUA annual schedule, frequently asked questions (FAQ), and START myDisclosures application can be accessed at the following links:

For the purpose of the RNUA disclosure procedure, the UIS Primary Reviewers and Division Heads are assigned the responsibilities of the Unit Executive Officers (UEO) as described in the RNUA procedures.

RNUA Guidelines for New Employees

The RNUA process is designed to at least annually provide a mechanism for all faculty, academic staff members, and postdoctoral research associates to disclose their non-University activities. However, employment with the University may begin anytime during the calendar year. In general, you should complete your RNUA within 30 days of your University start date. University guidelines have been developed to assist new hires in complying with the reporting requirements established by state law, federal regulations, and University policy. These guidelines are available at the following links:

How To Complete the RNUA

UIS requires all faculty to report their non-university activities using the university’s electronic disclosure system START myDisclosures. Below, you can find both instructions and a tutorial on how to complete the RNUA: