Research Board

Committee Charge

The Research Board is an Academic Affairs committee with the following charges (University Statutes Article XII Section 1):

  • Provide guidance to the Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation
    • on research administration policies and practices
    • on ethical issues in research,
    • on intellectual property policy issues, and
    • on programs to support faculty, graduate, and undergraduate student research
  • Establish procedures and serve as a review committee for a program of intramural awards to support faculty scholarly activity

The Research Board also:

The Research Board consists of faculty members representing the four colleges and one at-large, the library, and one academic professional staff member serving three year terms (staggered). The Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation chairs the Research Board.

Research Board membership for Academic Year 21 – 22:

Lucía Vazquez, Chair
Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation

Meagan Cass (2019-2022)

Associate Professor, English and Modern Languages
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Martin Martsch (2018-2021)

Associate Professor, Social Work
College of Education and Human Services

Feng-Shun “Leo” Bin (2018-2021)
Professor, Business Administration
College of Business and Management

Sean McCandless (2019-2020)

Assistant Professor, Public Administration
College of Public Affairs and Administration

Pamela Salela (2021-2023)

Associate Professor
Brookens Library

Jennifer Martin (2019-2022)

Assistant Professor, Teacher Education

At-large faculty representative

Vance Martin (2019-2022)

Campus Accessibility Specialist, Center for Online Learning, Research and Service
Academic Professional representative

Ya Gao (2020-2023)

Senior Data Analyst
Office of the VC Academic Affairs

Sudeep Sharma (2021-2023)
Assistant Professor, Management, Marketing, & Operations
College of Business and Management

Susan Ryherd
Director of Research Administration