Canvas is a web-based course management learning system that UIS instructors can use to organize course content. Canvas allows faculty members 24/7 access to their course for instructional updates and design. A Canvas course site is created for each course section taught at UIS, regardless of modality -- online, blended, hyflex, or on campus.

Canvas contains a multitude of tools, such as collaborations, assignments, and pages for an online class. There are many tools such as discussions,  chat, Zoom, Kaltura video management, and peer reviews, which allow for increased communication and collaboration.

UIS also has the Design Plus tool to enable faculty to create visually appealing and well-organized courses to guide users through their coursework.

Canvas has an easy-to-navigate interface on the web and via a mobile app. There is a separate app for instructors and students.

Canvas Support for Instructors (UIS Canvas Course)

Gold Courses: Developing and Sharing Course Content at UIS

Accessibility in Canvas

Canvas Access & Accounts

If you are new to UIS, or you are an employee who has never accessed Canvas before, you will need to activate your Canvas account before you can begin working in Canvas. A NetID is required to access Canvas

  1. Visit the Canvas login page at
  2. Log in with your UIS NetID and password.
  3. Once you have logged in to Canvas, your account has been activated.

Guest Accounts

All users must have a NetID to have access to UIS Canvas. If you have new part-time (adjunct) instructors who need Canvas access to develop courses, this process can be used.

If you or unit needs to provide access to a person who does not have a NetID, you may request one using the External Affiliate UIN and NetID program. You will need the full name, birthdate, and email address for the guest. This process can take up to two weeks, as the iCard center has to verify whether the user has previously had a NetID on any campus. 

Alternately, if you were planning on simply using Canvas to share documents and resources with your guest, consider using Box instead.