The Center for Online Learning, Research, and Service (COLRS) Digital Media Studio is located in Brookens 435. COLRS provides support for UIS faculty and staff to develop a wide range of instructional videos, including lightboard videos and green screen work, narrated PowerPoint lectures, audio lectures, and on-campus location filming.

The Digital Media Studio is coordinated by Multimedia Communications Specialist Scott Moomaw. Please schedule an appointment with Scott to plan your video or media production and be added to his schedule.

Digital Media Projects

Lightboard Studio

The COLRS lightboard studio is a darkened room with a pane of clear plastic between the instructor and the camera. Special lighting and markers allow the instructor to write on the board and narrate while facing the camera. 

Learn more about lightboard videos. 

Green Screen

COLRS has a green screen or chroma key backdrop available in the studio. Our multimedia specialist will plan your video with you, and then replace the green backdrop with video, PowerPoint slides, and/or images. 

Learn more about green screen videos.

Shaky Hand Videos

Shaky hand videos are recorded using a video camera mounted parallel to a table. Instructor can manipulate models, draw graphs and other visuals, solve math equations, and record their voice over explanations.

Learn more about Shaky Hand Videos.

Custom Video Editing and Production

Our Multimedia Specialist can work with you to develop your video exactly the way you want it to be. Whether you want to include animated charts and graphics, dynamic texts and slides, or other visual effects is up to you. You can record just your voice to narrate video animations, or you can speak directly to the camera. Or you can choose any combination thereof. However you want to share your lesson with your students, we can help make it happen.

On-campus Location Shoots

Our studio is best for lightboard or green screen shoots. If you would prefer your video to be in a more natural setting, our Multimedia Specialist can come to you, anywhere on campus. Whether it’s your office, a classroom, a conference room, or even an outdoor shoot (weather permitting!), it’s all part of producing a finished video that looks exactly how you want it to look.