As we design multimedia learning experiences for our students, we need to incorporate what the research tells us about how our students learn best. The fields of education and cognitive psychology have many lessons for us. This video from LinkedIn Learning (UIS subscribes to this resources for all staff and students) does a good job explaining two major lessons we can incorporate into our multimedia design. This includes lecture slides, web pages, or videos -- any format that includes more than one type of media (text, images, or audio).

The research of Richard Mayer and several co-authors inform the 12 principles of multimedia learning. Mayer and Ruth Clark's 2016 text, E-learning and the science of instruction (4th ed), is an excellent resource.

Tools to Record Videos at UIS

Kaltura is the screen recording tool and video streaming platform for UIS. UIS Information Technology Services provides a number of resources for how to record videos.

All videos must have accurate captions. Though machine captions are added to your videos automatically, those captions should be reviewed for accuracy. Learn about video accessibility. COLRS employs students on our Digital Accessibility Remediation Team to assist with faculty with captioning. Please contact us to have your videos and other documents remediated.

Tips to Record High Quality Videos

Digital classrooms and videoconferencing have become an integral part of our lives in the post-COVID world. To make a strong virtual impression, it's important to ensure that you appear in the best possible light. COLRS Multimedia Specialist Scott Moomaw is here to provide you with valuable insights on camera placement and lighting that can significantly enhance your virtual presence.

Camera Lighting

  • Camera placement and angle
  • Proper lighting, including whether a dedicated light is worth the effort
  • Avoiding harsh glares and backlighting


  • Audio quality is a must-have.
  • When is your built-in microphone sufficient?
  • When do you need to upgrade to a dedicated microphone?
  • Lavalier or Tabletop microphone?


  • Keep videos brief

Topics and Tips for Creating Multimedia for Courses

How to create narrated video lectures in PowerPoint

You can record audio narration using any version of PowerPoint that is installed on your computer. You cannot record audio using PowerPoint 365 via a web browser.

Make sure the presentation is saved as a PowerPoint Presentation with a .pptx extension (not the compatible mode). 

  1. Record your narration and timingsLinks to an external site.
  2. Export your narrated PowerPoint to a video format. 
  3. Now that you’ve created your video, upload the video to Kaltura through Canvas.
  4. Embed the Kaltura video in your Canvas course