The Center for Online Learning, Research, and Service (COLRS) supports UIS faculty, instructors, teaching assistants, and staff. We offer individual or small group (departmental) sessions on teaching and instructional technology across the spectrum of learning modalities -- online, blended, remote, and synchronous.

Teaching Consultations

Teaching consultations may be one-time or a series of sessions, depending on the needs of the individual instructor or small group (department). Consultations begin with a conversation about the goals of the instructor(s) and how much assistance is desired. COLRS staff provides resources and support, as available.

Teaching consultation may be on any topic. Some common requests are:

  • online teaching
  • authentic assessment methods
  • active learning strategies
  • collaborative learning (group work)
  • problem-based learning
  • grading and feedback strategies
  • program assessment
  • blended teaching
  • UDL -- universal design for learning
  • course organization structures
  • effective home page design
  • syllabus design

Technology Consultations

COLRS works with faculty to select and integrate technologies that meet or enhance the learning outcomes for the course. Our staff will ask you what you need the technology to do pedagogically, and then direct you to tools and resources that will meet your established outcomes.

We are open to exploring new technologies with you, providing they meet the university's accessibility standards.

  • creating an accessible syllabus 
  • planning remote and HyFlex lessons
  • creating and sharing videos for teaching
  • integrating multimedia into Canvas
  • using Harmonize discussion platform
  • textbook resource integration
  • grading and testing online
  • managing a course using Canvas
  • adapting course materials for online learning
  • developing online discussions
  • identifying additional campus resources for teaching with technology