Canvas allows instructors to copy a single piece of content, a module, one type of content, or an entire course. It is very flexible!

Copying Canvas Content from One Canvas Site to Another

  1. To copy content from one Canvas site into another (e.g. your fall course into spring) begin by going to the Home page of the empty course and clicking on “Import Existing Content” from the panel in the upper right:
import existing content
  1. From the dropdown menu, choose “Copy a Canvas Course”
copy a canvas course
  1. In the search bar, find the course you would like to copy. You may search by department/course number (e.g. EDL508) or by the course name.
search for a canvas course
  1. Next, you may choose to import all content or specific content. If you choose specific content, Canvas will ask you to identify the content you’d like to import prior to beginning the import process.
select course content
  1. You may also select “adjust events and due dates” which will adjust due dates based on the start and end date of the class or remove due dates altogether.
adjust due dates
  1. Once you’ve selected your content click “Import.” Canvas will let you know when the importing process has been completed.
current jobs complete

Canvas Guides on the course copy process

Copying a Canvas Quiz with Linked Question Banks Between Canvas Courses

These steps explain how you can use the Course Import tool to copy individual quizzes with linked question banks from one course directly into any active course in which you are enrolled.

  1. Navigate to your Course Settings
  2. Select Import Course Content in gray navigation buttons on the right.
  3. Under Content Type select Copy a Canvas Course and select the course that contains the quiz.
  4. Choose to Select specific content and click Import.
  5. Click on Select Content
    • To see the quizzes in your course, select the arrow to open a list.
    • Add a checkmark beside the quiz you would like to copy.
    • Add a checkmark beside the question banks you would like to copy.
    • Once you have chosen the items to copy, choose "Select Content".
  6. Once the import is marked as completed, review the quiz and question banks to be sure the content copied correctly.

Canvas guides on copying quizzes:

How can I copy a quiz without a question bank from one course to another?