The Global Studies Bachelor's Degree provides you with the necessary tools to help solve the problems confronting the global community.  As a global studies student you will study the interactions and inter-relations among countries and peoples across the globe in a comparative and interactive way. 

Program Facts

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Transfer Friendly
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On-Campus and Online Course Delivery
Students can choose to take some electives either online or on-campus.

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Global Studies is an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to global learning. The courses are designed to introduce you to thinking about the world in an interdisciplinary fashion and help you understand how the parts are interrelated. The curriculum requires course work that introduces both international and comparative methods of analysis and consists of courses in economics, history, political science, and world cultures. Students are able to customize their degree through a concentration in: Globalization, Politics and Diplomacy, or a self-designed concentration with the consultation of their advisor.



Self-Designated Regional or Topical

Politics and Diplomacy

Engaged Learning

At UIS global studies students are given a distinct advantage with the ability to study abroad and the opportunity to pursue internships both in the United States and around the world. As a global studies major you will study the interactions and inter-relations among countries and peoples across the globe; learn a variety of theoretical approaches for understanding global issues such as war and peace, globalization, and development, and have the opportunity to put the knowledge to work through Study Abroad opportunities, Model United Nations, campus clubs, and internships locally and around the globe.

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As a global studies student Gianna Messina interned at the Regional Security Office for the United States Embassy in Madrid, Spain. 

Faculty Excellence

Not only are our faculty experts in the field, but they also have a passion for teaching.  Global Studies faculty are committed to developing high-impact teaching and learning practices that fosters student engagement and learning.  

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Dr. Adriana Crocker receiving the Pearson Faculty Award

Dr. Adriana Crocker is a global studies professor and award-winning teacher who specializes in Latin American politics and has a strong background in international law and women’s rights.

Leadership Lived

Join our alumni in making a difference in the global community. There are many possibilities for global studies graduates, including: international business, international media, Foreign Service, Peace Corps, international service agencies, travel and tourism, environmental advocacy, education, interpretation, and many more.

Dexter Burns is a Human Resources Management Analyst at the United States International Trade Commission, and as a global studies student he had his first opportunity to study abroad and participate in a cultural immersion program in Cuzco, Peru.

Picture of Lyssa Barth

As a double major in Global Studies and Social Work, Lyssa Barth was able to experience an international perspective on social work by doing her field placement in Uganda.

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