Business Administration students who choose the Comprehensive option receive a broad-based education of the business enterprise through advanced study in the business functional areas including finance, management, marketing and operations management.

Specific objectives are to:

  • build advanced competencies in critical and ethical thinking
  • to enable students to gain a broad comprehensive understanding of business. Graduates will leave UIS highly qualified for managerial positions in a variety of industries spanning both the public and private sectors.

By the time you graduate, you will have met the following goals and objectives:

  • Be able to demonstrate knowledge of key concepts in the major business disciplines -- accounting, economics, management, marketing, finance, information systems, and the legal and social environment of business.
  • Be able to systematically analyze a business problem by effectively examining alternatives and recommending an appropriate course of action.
  • Be able to communicate effectively in written and oral forms.
  • Be able to understand information technology and is use in organizations and decision making.
  • Be able to understand, interpret and analyze quantitative problems and quantitatively presented information.

You can find course descriptions, degree requirements, and more on the Comprehensive BBA catalog page.