Departmental Goals and Objectives

The goal of a Management, Marketing or Operations degree is to develop the critical conceptual and interpersonal skills that are essential to employment in management positions in all types of organizations.  In addition to requiring a theoretical foundation, the curriculum provides students with numerous opportunities to integrate and apply these skills in a variety of situations.  Specific degree objectives are to enable students to develop an:

  1. Understanding of the different forms of organizations and how they operate in domestic and global contexts;
  2. Ability to analyze cognitive, behavioral and ethical issues faced by individuals and groups in organizations; and
  3. Understanding of appropriate strategies for organizational effectiveness and the practical application of management concepts to address the challenges faced by leaders and members of organizations.

Upon completion of a Bachelor’s degree through the College of Business and Management, students will meet the following goals and objectives:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of key concepts in the major business disciplines.
    • Knowledge in the key business disciplines including accounting, economics, management, marketing, finance information systems and the legal and social environment of business
  • Systematically analyze a business problem using appropriate methods.
    • Interpretation of evidence
    • Identification and evaluation of points of view
    • Formulation of appropriate conclusions
    • Communicate effectively in written and oral forms
    • Demonstration of effective oral communication skills
    • Demonstration of effective written communication skills
  • Demonstrate effective use of information technology and data analysis.
    • Demonstration of communication and presentation technologies used in the business environment
    • Understanding of and ability to use common methods of statistical inference
    • Understanding of data analysis and its use in business decision making