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Students may view a map of active host sites for field work.

Course Embedded Field Experience

All teacher candidates must complete 120 field hours. Field hours are completed at a local school district during school hours. Some things to know to help you prepare are as follows:

  • Field hours are a requirement for licensure.
  • A portion of field hours must be completed in a diverse setting. Locally this includes Springfield Public Schools and Decatur Public Schools.
  • Teacher candidates employed at a school district may be approved to complete these hours while working.
  • Field hours are NOT observation hours. Teacher candidates may lead small groupwork, assist with lesson planning, assist and lead lesson delivery, grade papers and input grades, attend teacher meetings and parent/teacher conferences, etc.
  • Teacher candidates will need to have some flexibility in their schedule to complete field hours which can only occur during school hours.
  • Field hours are completed as part of the following methods classes listed below:

Elementary Candidates (30 field hours/course)

  • TEP 423 Methods of Elementary Reading and Language Arts
  • TEP 424 Methods of Elementary Math
  • TEP 425 Methods of Elementary Social Studies and Humanities
  • TEP 426 Methods of Elementary Science

Middle/Secondary Candidates (40 field hours/course)

  • TEP 405 Teaching in the Middle School
  • TEP 415 Teaching in Secondary Schools
  • TEP 419 Content Area Literacy Methods
  • One of the following:
    • TEP 435 English Methods for Middle/ Secondary Grades
    • TEP 436 Mathematics Methods for Middle/Secondary Grades
    • TEP 437 Science Methods for Middle/Secondary Grades
    • TEP 438 Social Studies Methods for Middle/Secondary Grades

A timesheet will completed for each methods course to document your hours.

Student Teaching

  • Student teaching is a full time commitment lasting approximately 14 weeks.
  • students preparing for student teaching should review the  Pre-student teaching checklist
  • The Student Teaching Application will become active during Spring semester until February 1st. All students who will be student teaching the following Academic Year will need to complete the application during this timeframe. 
  • Check out local job opportunities.

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