Chief School Business Official (CSBO) Endorsement

The Chief School Business Official (CSBO) Endorsement is taught in an online mode of delivery which requires the completion of 34 semester hours of course work, including 28 hours of EDL courses and three semesters (two credit hours each) of internship experiences.1

EDL 541 Educational Research Methods 2 4
EDL 543 Assessment for Learning 2 4
EDL 579 Collective and Interest-based Bargaining 2
EDL 582 Political Action And Advocacy 2
EDL 603 Advanced Seminar on Law and Public Policy 4
EDL 605 Research in Educational Leadership (on-campus) 2 4
EDL 611 Superintendent as Instructional Leader (on-campus) 2 4
EDL 612 Management of Educational Funds and Facilities 4
EDL 621 Superintendent and Central Staff/Personnel Management 4
EDL 626 Clinical Experiences/Internship I 2
EDL 627 Clinical Experiences/Internship II 2
EDL 628 Clinical Experiences/Internship III 2
EDL 635 Organizational Theory and Leadership 4
EDL 640 Business Application Revenues 4
EDL 645 Business Application Expenditures 4
Total Hours 34

 Candidates must take and pass ISBE Licensure Exam(s) in their specific area(s) to qualify for Illinois entitlement.


If students are lacking in fundamentals because their master’s degree was not in education (research or curriculum), they may be asked to make up for these deficiencies.