The Department of Teacher Education at UIS offers a minor in education that leads to licensure at the secondary level when combined with an appropriate academic major, fulfillment of general education requirements, and fulfillment of campus requirements. Candidates seeking a bachelor’s degree and a minor secondary licensure should expect that their total program of study can usually be completed within the four year time frame but may exceed the minimum number of hours required for graduation.  Secondary education candidates may major in one of several programs leading to licensure in the areas of English, mathematics, science, or social science.  The Initial Program Adviser can recommend appropriate majors.

  • Minor in Secondary Education when paired with a degree in Political Science, Sociology/Anthropology, Chemistry, Biology, Math, English, or History

Those candidates seeking a content area degree and minor in Secondary Education may go beyond the usual 120 credits to complete the requirements of both the degree and the minor.  Students wishing to add additional teaching areas (ex: another content area, LBS1, or Middle Grades) should discuss these goals with their School of Education Advisor for additional details.

Those who have previously earned a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited U.S. institution of higher education may pursue licensure via a licensure only, non-degree seeking route.  This plan allows for use of previously earned coursework to count toward equivalent coursework required for educator licensure in Illinois. Grade ranges and content areas noted above in the degree seeking sections are all available via this licensure only route.  

Content tests are required for licensure. Find test taking resources here.

Contact your advisor if you have questions.

Post-Baccalaureate Licensure