The Computer Science endorsement coursework provides current teachers with computer application understanding, such as hardware, software, networking, and use of computers in education.  Completion of requirements may lead to a subsequent endorsement from the Illinois State Board of Education. 

Computer Science Endorsement Scholarship

With funding provided by State Farm, employed and licensed 6th - 8th, 6th -12th, and 9th-12th grade teachers from McLean County should apply.

Apply for Scholarship

Funding provided by State Farm® click here to apply for the scholarship

Contact Ryan Williams, Assistant Director of Strategic Initiatives for assistance -


  • Apply to UIS.
  • After admission, apply for scholarship.
    • Scholarship Application Deadline - May 15, 2024.
  • Short Essay on teaching experience and purpose of endorsement.
  • Letter of support from building or district administrator.

Degree Opportunity

Add the endorsement courses to a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, Middle Grades, or a Secondary Education program to earn this as a subsequent endorsement in addition to the teaching license. Current undergraduates students can add endorsement to their program of study.

Coursework enables students to:

  • Explore the fundamental concepts of cybersecurity, be informed of cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats, and practice techniques and gain tools for detecting and defending against cyber-attack.
  • Examine file organizations and file access methods, as well as data redundancy.
  • Study various data models including relational, heretical, network, and object-oriented.
  • Cover topics such as number systems, sets, logic, functions and relations, combinations, permutations, probability, statistics, and discrete structures that are relevant to computer science.
  • Learn structured programming techniques, the fundamentals concepts of computer networking with practical applications, and how to model threats to computer systems.
  • Gain knowledge in the areas of data communications, networking technologies, OSI model, LAN, WAN, TCP/IP layers and protocols, Internet architecture.
  • Meet ISBE’s requirement for earning a subsequent teaching endorsement in computer science.

Required Courses

To reflect the updated requirements for the ISBE Computer Science endorsements, the UIS catalog will be updated for 2024-2025.

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