Why Study Away?

Studying away provides students the opportunity to learn about themselves and their own and other cultures and to develop skills that can be very beneficial to their education and their career aspirations.

They can develop real competitive advantages over those who do not study abroad, such as

  • Increased fluency in another language.
  • A broader cultural perspective.
  • A better understanding of the thoughts and opinions of others.
  • A greater ability to achieve their goals on their own.
  • An enhanced resume that will set them apart.

How much does it cost?

UIS offers many different options for studying abroad and each has a different cost structure.

With careful planning and forethought studying away can be affordable and in some cases may not cost much more than studying on the UIS campus.

Short-term summer programs will cost between $2,800 and $5,000, excluding tuition and university fees. These costs cover international airfare, lodging expenses, most meals, and local travel and entrance fees.

Students studying for a semester or a year as exchange students with one of our partners or through NSE will pay their tuition to UIS as the standard tuition rate for 12-18 credits depending upon their enrollment and their residency status. They will pay the host university for the lodging, board, and university fees. Most if not all of their financial aid should be applicable (please confirm with the Office of Financial Assistance).

Students studying in a non-exchange program including ISEP will be assessed tuition, lodging, and board by the host institution at their standard rate for international students. This usually means that tuition could be roughly two to three times that charged by UIS for residents of Illinois. It will be roughly comparable to the non-resident tuition charged by UIS. Lodging expenses and board charges will be pretty close to those here at UIS. However, each program’s costs will vary.

Financial aid may be available for study away through a non-exchange program but there are some restrictions related to federal aid such as Pell Grants. It is important for students interested in studying away to talk with the Office of Financial Assistance early in their planning process.

There are many scholarships available specifically for study away but these can be applied for only once per year – February 15 is the annual University Scholarship deadline.