Alumni Relations

We work with the UIS Alumni Board to strengthen ties between our alumni, the UIS community, and the many local and global communities touched by our alumni. We do this through alumni programs, alumni events like the Lunch & Learn series, alumni awards and recognition, alumni groups and providing ways to connect with other UIS alumni.

Gift Development

We also work with donors to match their interests to programs they want to support. We do this through:

  • Gift Planning: Our gift officers contact potential donors including individuals, foundations, and corporations to assess interest, and then we offer options for programs that match the donor’s interest. We know about the programs at UIS and can lead you to the ones that interest you. We also know about the different ways that donors can make gifts – bequests, annuities, and other ways – and the best way to capitalize on the tax benefits of giving.
  • Annual Giving: Each year, hundreds of people give to UIS through letters and emails that share stories of students and programs current needs. Please remember that you can decide exactly how often you want us to contact you about possible giving options and about what programs. You can also decide for yourself how much you want to give: Your interests. Your choices!
  • Scholarships: We help the Financial Aid Office coordinate more than 200 scholarships, which cumulatively offer more $560,000 in scholarship awards, making sure that our donors’ wishes are honored and that qualified students benefit. Scholarships are a sure investment in the future.
  • Gift Processing: Your gifts to the university are processed through our office in partnership with the University of Illinois Foundation. (Read more about the partnership with UIF). This includes making sure that your gifts get sent to the fund you requested and that you get all the tax benefits you deserve.
  • Stewardship: This involves both thanking you for your gifts and making sure gifts are used in the way your request. Thank you! Two special ways we do this are through the Donor Wall and through a Giving Society.