University of Hull, England

The University of Hull and UIS have been working together for over a decade and half to exchange students and develop academic programs related to Abraham Lincoln, William Wilberforce, Human Trafficking and Immigration among other areas.

Location:  Hull (Kingston upon Hull), East Riding of Yorkshire, England

Founded:  1927

Student Population:  16,000

Popular majors:  History, Political Science, Communication, Business, English, Environmental Studies, Theatre

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International Office

Opportunities for UIS students

Full Semester/Year

The U. of Hull is an exchange partner with UIS which means that UIS students can study at Hull for one or two semesters while paying their tuition to UIS at the same rate they would be charged to study at UIS.  Financial aid applies and students are eligible to apply for travel scholarships.

Students can select from all departments at Hull with the exception of Psychology.

Housing is available in campus units as well as in private apartments in town.

Short term program in human trafficking and immigration

UIS has developed a short-term course that studies human trafficking and immigration from a historical perspective and as a current issue.  Hull is the home of William Wilberforce, who led the abolition of slavery in the British Empire, and the U. of Hull has been conducting research into contemporary human trafficking around the world at the Wilberforce Institute for the Study of Slavery and Emancipation (WISE).  The U. of Hull has also been studying immigration through the port of Hull from northern and eastern Europe and Scandinavia which includes substantial numbers of people headed to the USA.  Additionally, the area just to the south of Hull is where the Pilgrims traveled from in their long journey that would eventually lead them to what would become the USA.  2020 marks the 400th anniversary of the voyage of the Mayflower.  Taking advantage of all of these opportunities UIS students will engage with staff and graduate students at WISE and the U. of Hull culminating with short research projects and presentations.

Sangamon Experience

UIS and the U. of Hull have begun collaborating on the Sangamon Experience project to help trace the travels of Europeans to the USA and ultimately to Springfield and the surrounding area.  Students will be able to participate in this research both through the short term study program above but also through independent studies.

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