Saitama University, Japan

Saitama University and UIS have been working together to exchange students for one or two semesters for the last 15 years.

Location:  Saitama – Within the greater Tokyo area, NW of the city center.

Founded:  1949

Student Population:  8,600

Saitama University websites:


Exchange Student information

Opportunities for UIS students:  UIS students have several options for study at Saitama University.  SU is known for their intensive Japanese Language program which is the equivalent of 10 credits of instruction per semester.  SU also offers around 50 courses taught in English so that students will have options for courses in many of their majors.  The SU academic calendar is very different from the UIS calendar.  Students considering studying for one semester only are encouraged to consider the spring/summer semester rather than the fall/winter semester.

Information about the city of Saitama and surrounding area.

City tour of Saitama