Ashikaga University, Japan

Ashikaga University, formerly the Ashikaga Institute of Technology, is located in the sister city of Springfield, Ashikaga, outside of Tokyo.  AU is our oldest student exchange partner with the first students from each institution visiting the other in 2001.  AU is well known for its sustainable energy program.

Location:  Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan – about 70 kilometers N/NW of Tokyo

Founded:  1967

Student Population:  1,200



Japanese Language and Culture Short Term Program

Ashikaga University/UIS 20th year anniversary video

Opportunities for UIS Students

UIS offers a 3 credit, two week, study away course on Japanese language and culture each June.

The daily schedule in Ashikaga includes instruction in Japanese language and culture on the campus of the Ashikaga University.  Each day also includes educational field trips such as: the Mayor’s Office and City Hall; the Civil Engineering Dept. and Environmental Studies Program at AU; the Kurita Porcelain Museum; the Ashikaga Gakko, the oldest university in Japan; the Bannaji Buddhist Temple; a farm or factory; a public school.  In addition, field trips to the Nikko Nature Preserve and Shinto Temple complex and to Tokyo will be included in the seminar.  Participants will also be able to experience Japanese martial arts, flower arranging, Buddhist meditation, a tea ceremony, calligraphy, and Japanese cuisine.

Information about the city of Ashikaga and surrounding area

Top tourist sites

Ashikaga Gakko (oldest school in Japan)

Sano Ramen