How Do I Apply to MPH @ UIS


We offer variants of the MPH degree designed to fit the needs of students.


Let's get started on your UIS Application.

  • Check out the How to Apply page for step-by-step instructions.
  • If you have international documents, the World Education Services (WES) evaluations of international transcripts are needed. This process can take several months.
  • Questions? Sign up for a Virtual Appointment.


Your application will be reviewed based on a number of components such as 3 essay questions, GPA, letters of recommendation, and so on.

  • UIS Admissions System allows all applicants to check on the status of their applications and view decisions.
  • We review all applications anytime whenever the Office of Admissions pushes the application queues to our department admissions committee.


You'll receive an admission decision and welcome email from the Admissions Office and MPH @ UIS.

Frequently Asked Questions

MPH Program and Curriculum

Q. Am I a good fit for the MPH program if I have no or limited science background?

Of course, you will be a good fit for our MPH program. Our MPH program welcomes all majors including social science and natural science.


Q. When can I expect to complete my degree? Does my limited science background affect the timeline?

A full-time credit hour load of 12 hours per term will allow for graduation in two years. Students are not required to take a science prerequisite if they are apply for the MPH-General degree or joint degrees.


Q. Is it feasible to do this program while working full-time?

100% Online Coursework lets you decide what works for your schedule and your goals. Many students working full-time are performing outstandingly in our MPH programs.


Q. Do online part-time students have flexibility to switch to in-person students?

A student will need to submit a curriculum change form to make a request to switch from online to in-person.


Q: Online learning is new to me, how would professors/administrative staff potentially solve these problems or support students when they occur during an exam?

It depends on the policies of the course. If students have tech questions, they are welcome to contact UIS ITS.

Admissions and Transferring

Q. Can I transfer from another university to UIS if I am currently a student in the United State studying public health?

(MPH Program ONLY) UIS may accept up to 12 semester hours of eligible graduate-level work completed at another accredited institution. However, only hours earned with a grade of B or better and accepted by your UIS academic program will be accepted. All transfer credit must be earned within 5 years of the first graduate course taken at UIS in pursuit of the degree. You may not have used the course for any other degree/certificate you hold. The faculty member who teaches the course will check the syllabus to assure the appropriateness of the transfer. There is no guarantee that any of your courses will transfer until the UIS Office of Registrar has approved.


Q. What is the procedure for waiving a course?

(MPH Program ONLY) When you want to waive a course because you have already taken a similar course at the graduate level, and it is wrapped up in the completion of another degree, the course may be waived ONLY if you satisfy the instructor of record that you are competent in that area. Remember that a waiver does not award credit for the course(s); it only removes the affected courses from those that you need to complete. Students requesting consideration for a waiver of a required MPH course must submit a Student Petition Form, course syllabi, transcripts, or other documentation. Please note that there is no guarantee that any of your requests will be approved. The decision to grant a waiver is at the discretion of the department representative.


Q. Does no or limited science background impact my chances of admission?

The science requirement of 30 undergraduate hours is for the MPH-Environmental Health degree. 


Q. Where do I start my applications as an international student?

We welcome applications from all over the world anytime. You will find the International Applicants and International How to Apply pages being very helpful as you go through your application process. If you have more questions about applying to UIS MPH Program, please contact International Admissions.


Q. How do I know if I am eligible for the application fee waiver?

Students need to contact the Office of Admission at, or Phone: (217) 206-4847 or Toll-Free: (888) 977-4847 (Toll-Free).

GRE, TOFEL, and Official Transcripts

Q. Can I have the GRE requirement waived or postponed?

We have suspended the requirement to submit GRE scores.


Q. Do I need to submit the TOEFL or IELTS score if I am an international student?

TOEFL and IELTS are handled by the Office of Admissions. You can check out the UIS English Proficiency Requirements webpage.


Q. What is an acceptable official transcript from if I obtained my degrees from outside of the United States?

You will need to send a course-by-course evaluation through WES, and to request WES to send the evaluated transcript to UIS. We cannot accept it from you. If you have any questions about sending the official transcript, please contact the Office of Admission at, or Phone: (217) 206-4847 or Toll-Free: (888) 977-4847 (Toll-Free).

Tuition, Graduate Assistantship and Scholarship

Q. What would be the estimated tuition to finish the MPH program?

You can use UIS Tuition Calculator to estimate graduate tuition, fees, and assessments.


Q. Is the online MPH eligible for the Illinois State employee tuition waiver?

The online degree is eligible for tuition waivers.


Q. Can I apply for a Graduate Assistant position?

You can submit your application for a Graduate Assistant when you apply for graduate admission.


Q. Am I eligible to apply to the Graduate Public Service Internship Program (GPSI Program at UIS)?

The GPSI program may give you up to 40-Credit Tuition Waiver & Paid Internship ($18,000). GPSI Program and Benefits webpages provide you with further information.

Who Do I Ask If I Have Questions?

Questions related to the MPH Program:

  • Our program coordinator, Esther Adewusi, at or 217-206-8716

Please contact the following regarding: