What programs does the UIS Department of Public Health (DPH) provide?

The DPH offers both on-campus and online MPH degree programs. There are 2 options for the MPH program:

  1. MPH-General: A program with a strong interdisciplinary foundation for practice in public health.

  2. MPH-Environmental Health: A program within which a student may choose to emphasize preparation in risk assessment, emergency preparedness, or environmental health policy.

What's the duration of the program?

A full-time credit hour load of 12 hours per term will allow for graduation in two years.

Am I a good fit for the MPH program if I have no or limited science background?

It depends on each individual. As a general rule, our MPH general students will succeed if they have the basic science and math components required of a liberal arts degree. Those with little or no science/math background will struggle.

Does no or limited science background impact my chances of admission?

The science requirement of 30 undergraduate hours is for the MPH-Environmental Health degree. For the MPH General degree, it is difficult to assess whether the preparation in science will be sufficient until the transcript is evaluated.

When can I expect to complete my degree? Does my limited science background affect the timeline?

A full-time credit hour load of 12 hours per term will allow for graduation in two years. It is unlikely that students be required to take a science prerequisite if they are applying for the MPH-general degree.

Is it feasible to do this program while working full-time?

Many students working full-time are performing outstandingly in our MPH programs. However, it really depends on each student’s situation and how they balance their time in school and work.

Would online students be able to partake in an in-person graduation ceremony with other on-campus students if the covid pandemic subsides?

Student will need to reach out to the Office of Registrar by phone (217-206-6174) or email (registrar@uis.edu).

Do online part-time students have the flexibility to switch to in-person students?

A student will need to submit a curriculum change form to make a request from online to in-person.

Online learning is new to me, how would professors/administrative staff potentially solve these problems or support students when they occur during an exam? How does the University help online students reduce the anxiety and stress of taking online exams

t depends on the policies of the course. If students have tech questions and difficulties, they are welcome to contact the UIS ITS.

Generally, if students live in the greater Springfield area, they may take exams in the UIS Testing Services. The UIS Testing Center is open to in-person testing by appointment at no charge for UIS students, during the day Monday-Friday, and many evenings until 7:00 PM. The Testing Center also continues to offer remote testing via Zoom. (Students will need a laptop with a webcam to test remotely; Chromebooks and phones are not allowed.) Students can schedule test appointments by emailing testingservices@uis.edu. Current hours are available on the Testing Center website. UIS online students may have online exams in different testing services. For Illinois students who need an in-person proctor but are unable to come to campus, students may visit a local community college, usually for a nominal fee. To locate a testing service in the United States, the U.S. Territories, England, Singapore, Canada, or Puerto Rico, try the National College Testing Association. Read more about in-person proctoring options.

Can I transfer from another university to UIS if I am currently a student in the United State studying public health?

Please consult with the UIS Office of Admissions at email admissions@uis.edu or at phone (217) 206-4847. The webpage of the Admissions Office ishttps://www.uis.edu/admission-aid/office-admission.

When is the application and letter of recommendation deadline?

The MPH program admission is rolling and accepts applications at any time.

If I am eligible for the Application fee waiver?

Students need to contact to the Office of Admission at admissions@uis.edu, or Phone: (217) 206-4847 or Toll-Free: (888) 977-4847 (Toll-Free).

Can I have the GRE requirement waived or postponed?

We have suspended the requirement to submit GRE scores.

Do I need to submit the TOEFL or IELTS score if I am an international student?

TOEFL and IELTS are handled by the Office of Admissions. You can check out the UIS English Proficiency Requirements webpage: https://www.uis.edu/international-applicants/english-proficiency-requirements.

What is an acceptable official transcript from if I obtained my degrees from outside of the United States?

You will need to send a course-by-course evaluation through WES, and to request WES to send the evaluated transcript to UIS. We cannot accept it from you. If you have any questions about sending the official transcript, please contact the Office of Admission at admissions@uis.edu, or Phone: (217) 206-4847 or Toll-Free: (888) 977-4847 (Toll-Free).

Where do I start my applications as an international student?

You will find theInternational Applicants page very helpful as you go through your application process.

What would be the estimated tuition to finish the MPH program?

You can use this tuition calculator to estimate the tuition.

Is the online MPH eligible for the Illinois State employee tuition waiver?

The online degree is eligible for tuition waivers.

Can I apply for a Graduate Assistant position?

You can submit your application for a Graduate Assistant when you apply for graduate admission.

Am I eligible to apply to the Graduate Public Service Internship Program (GPSI Program at UIS)?

The GPSI program may give you up to 40-Credit Tuition Waiver & Paid Internship ($18,000). GPSI Program and Benefits webpage https://go.uis.edu/mphBenefits


Who to ask if you have questions?

Questions related to the MPH program:

  • For MPH General, the faculty contact person is Dr. Yu-Sheng Lee (ylee317@uis.edu)

  • For MPH Environmental Health, the faculty contact person is Dr. Lenore Killam (lkill2@uis.edu)

Please contact the following regarding: