Full-Time Faculty

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Dr. Brian Chen, PhD, MS, MSAS
Program Director and Associate Professor

Email: Brian.Chen@uis.edu
Phone: 217-206-8548
Office: PAC 324

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Dr. Kathy DeBarr, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Email: debarr@uis.edu
Phone: 217-206-7535
Office: PAC 328

Lenore Killam headshot

Dr. Lenore Killam, DPA
Clinical Instructor & Director of MPH-Environmental Health

Email: lkill2@uis.edu
Phone: 217-206-6083
Office: PAC 310

Yu-Sheng Lee headshot

Dr. Yu-Sheng Lee, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Email: ylee317@uis.edu
Phone: 217-206-7874
Office: PAC 352

Jenu Shrestha headshot

Dr. Junu Shrestha, EdD
Assistant Professor

Email: jshre2@uis.edu(link sends email)
Phone: 217-206-8519
Office: PAC 322

Esther Adewusi

Esther Adewusi, MPH
Graduate Program Coordinator

Email: eadew2@uis.edu
Phone: 217-206-8716
Office: HSB 314

Andrew Nicol

Andrew Nicol
Undergraduate Program/Student Adviser – Public Health Minor

Email: anico2@uis.edu
Phone: 217-206-8520
Office: PAC 309, MS PAC 323

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Sharron LaFollette, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Emeritus

Email: slafo1@uis.edu

Dr. Molly Lamb, DrPH, MPH
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Executive Director Center State Policy and Leadership

Email: mehle01s@uis.edu

Dorene E. Campbell, Ph.D.
Adjunct Assistant Professor

E-mail: dcamp4@uis.edu

James Leonard, MPH
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Email: jleon20@uis.edu

Mark Hilliard, MPH, CHES
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Email: mhill29@uis.edu

Shahram Heshmat, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Emeritus

Email: shesh1@uis.edu

Greg R. Michaud
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Email: gmich1@uis.edu

Marissa Alexander Scott, MPH, DVM
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Email: mscot3@uis.edu

Jason Scott, M.Sc., MPH, MBA, Ph.D., PMP
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Email: jscot3@uis.edu